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Home Organization Resolutions You Need To Follow For 2021

Every new year, people start out with lots of enthusiasm. There’s always this desire to start to establish more order, control, and intention, and one way we do that is by making changes on or resolutions for our daily routines. Routines are great because they give structure to our day-to-day lives, and help us better manage our time.

2021 Home Routines For More Organized Home

So to help you start the new year right, I’ve made a list of easy tasks you can incorporate to your daily routines to make your life and surroundings a little less chaotic and a bit more organized.


1. Starting the day right by making your bed.

Wide bedroom with neatly organized bed sheets and clean surroundings


This is one of my favorite habits, and it’s very helpful in kick starting my day. Once you’re in the habit of making your bed, it’ll encourage you to keep the rest of your room tidy, and maybe next, you’ll feel inspired to improve the appearance of the other corners in your room. Aside from that, being able to tidy up your bed gives your mind a boost that you’re getting things done, so you'll be more likely to keep pushing to continuously finish tasks throughout the day.


2. Do quick clean-ups and do them often.

Clean and organized work space area at home


Always take a few minutes a day to do small and quick clean-ups around the house. Rather overwhelming yourself and spending the whole day cleaning the house, it’s better to spend a few minutes tidying things up immediately after you’re done with them. If you use or put out something, always make sure to keep it in its original place after, so you can prevent clutter build-up. This way, you won’t have dozens of things to organize later on which will surely take you even longer to do.


3. Break down large tasks and finish the smaller tasks one by one before moving to a new one.

Clean and neat kitchen; kitchen organization routine for 2021


It’s better to focus on one thing first rather than try to accomplish everything at once. Multi-tasking might just leave you with lots of incomplete projects to deal with and can actually take you longer to finish your tasks. So the next time you’re thinking of decluttering your kitchen, think of organizing one space first like your refrigerator first before moving to your pantry or before taking everything out.


4. Hang up your clothes or put them in the hamper immediately after you take them off

Organized clothing rack; closet organization routine


Don’t you just hate how stressful seeing clutter build-up on the floor, or over a couch? Just tossing your clothes anywhere means you’ll have to do additional picking up later on. So to save you time, just hang them up or put them in the laundry hamper right when you take them off.


5. Leave your keys and phone in the same spot

Clean and organized entryway


Keeping all of your important items in the same spot (like a tray or box in your entryway table or a basket in a hanging shelf) really does save you time and eliminates frustration. If you’re out of a particular item, then you know where to look for it, instead of searching “everywhere”. This tip may seem like too simple to be useful, but trust me when I say it is. The extra five seconds saved by always keeping important items in the same spot will add up and keep you saving time for years to come.


6. Make sure dishes are done every night before you go to bed

Clean pantry and organized dishes; kitchen routines to follow


Similar to how you’ll be making the bed every morning, doing the dishes every night will also help your mind to feel more organized and at ease because there will be no clutter in sight. Invest in a garbage disposal for your sink (don’t forget to throw everything away as soon as you’re done cleaning), and a dishwasher as they’ll give you a few more free minutes to do the more of the things you enjoy.

Let’s head to a path of continuous improvement! Comment below any tips you want to add to the list!

2021 home routines for more organized home

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