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Self watering plant hacks, so you can enjoy your holiday!

Going away and worried about all your plant babies dying?!?!

It's not always possible to get someone to come over and water your plants but never fear.....follow these tips to create self watering systems.


1. String-a-ling system

Simply place one end of the string inside the plant and the other end into a pot or a large bottle of water (depending on how many plants you have). If it's a particularly large plant you could always add 2 pieces of string per plant. 

The water source needs to be higher than the plants so the water drips down. Also, check that your string will absorb water. If you're not sure, do a test run a few days beforehand.


2. Sponge bath

Take your plant out of its pot. Either use some thin cloth or paper towels and soak them in water. Next, layer the bottom of the pot with the damp cloths and wrap them around the insides (if possible). You can also cut up a kitchen sponge into pieces, soak them in water and push them into the soil. 


3. Upside down bottle trick

You can adjust the size of the bottle to suit the size of the pot. Grab a plastic bottle with a lid and fill it up with water. Turn the bottle upside down and pierce the bottom of the bottle to let air in. Then pierce a few holes in the lid and place it down into the plant's soil.  Don't get caught out here with water dripping everywhere. Either do this next to the plant or make sure you have your fingers over the holes! 



4. Plants in a tub

This only works if your pots have drainage holes. Use a large tub or something that can hold all the plants, (make sure it's not too high, it should sit around the same height as the pots) and fill the bottom with stones. Tip water into the bottom and then pop the plants on top. The plants will slowly absorb the water. 



Now it's up to you to choose a method which best suits the time frame you are going for. You may want to trial this beforehand so you can see how much water your plants are absorbing.

Remember, before you go, make sure your plants are already well-watered. If they are already dry before you leave, then they may guzzle the water a lot quicker than you anticipate. 

Happy holidaying.....or whatever your excuse is for leaving your plant babies :)


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