5 Houseplant Apps To Help You Take Care Of Your Indoor Plants

5 Best Plant Apps To Take Better Care Of Your Plants

Having trouble remembering your plant's care needs, or maybe their details? If you're at a loss at what to do, or even need help identifying your plant, there are plenty of houseplant apps to support your plant parenting journey! 

You can identify a plant via an app by just taking a photo of it, record their watering schedule, keep a journal about their grown, determine whether it's due for a repot, and a ton more! Check out these 5 best planting apps that we're sure any beginner and pro planter will love!


5 Best Plant Apps To Take Better Care Of Your Plants

To help you identify plants:

Garden Answers Plant Identification 

Saw a beautiful plant but don't know what it's called? This app has got you covered! You can use this app to identify plants and give you accurate information about it. It gives you a great introduction to plants you're interested in, so you can make a better decision whether to take them home or not!

How to use:

Just take a picture of the plant, submit it, and look through the list of suggested plant photos to find out which one looks like yours. If it's a rare plant, they'll suggest which plant family it's likely in and share a few care instructions about similar plants. For even more help, you can submit a question in the app to gardening experts for a small fee.


5 Best Plant Apps To Take Better Care Of Your Plants

To help you remember to water your plants:

Happy Plant App 

Being a plant parent, it's understandable that sometimes you forget when you last gave them a drink, or when you need to give them another round of watering. This fun app helps you with that! This tool brings in the fun of watering by reminding you through game-like notifications, plant selfies, and plant time-lapse videos!

How to use:

Add your plant in your database, give it a name, and create unique reminders to water each of your plants depending on their watering schedule. You can also use the app to take pictures of your plants over time so you can get a time-lapse video and see them grow!


5 Best Plant Apps To Take Better Care Of Your Plants

To help you when your plants are sick:


Not sure what to do about your plants whose leaves are starting to turn yellow or those plants that suddenly have white spots on the leaves? You can use this app to help you diagnose if your plants are sick and what's the issue with them. Aside from detailed plant care guides, you also get quick plant treatment suggestions.

How to use:

Snap a photo of your plant's problem, it could be yellowing leaves, presence of gnats, wilting leaves, root rot, etc. It will suggest to you what could be the issue of your plants and from then you can start to determine how you can treat your plants. If you need to consult and ask for treatment suggestions directly from the app, you may do so once you've upgraded the app (this also gives you access to community forums for plant problem troubleshooting and plant care tips).


5 Best Plant Apps To Take Better Care Of Your Plants

To help you assess sunlight in your plant's spot:

Sun Surveyor / Sunseeker  

As you probably already know, houseplants need sunlight. And each of them can vary in the type of light they need. It could be full sun, partial sun, full shade, etc. But how do you know which ones they're getting? It's hard to know, right? Both Sun Surveyor and Sun Seeker can do that for you and determine how much of sunlight your plant is getting so you can find the best spot for your greens!

How to use:

These two apps use your location to track the sun's movement. Simply put your phone right where your plant is and you'll get a view of the sun's movement throughout the day. This is all thanks to their augmented reality feature!


5 Best Plant Apps To Take Better Care Of Your Plants

To help you connect with plant parents:

My Garden

This is like Facebook for plant lovers! It's like a social media platform dedicated solely to those who are passionate about plant growing! You can share here the progress of your plants, see other's beautiful plants, build your personal growing calendar, and follow other planters or gardeners and exchange plant hacks!

How to use:

Share the progress and growth of your plants with your friends through photos. Add everyone whose plants and plant journey you are interested in! Take their plant care secrets and hacks so you can be a better gardener and indoor plant parent!


And that's it! We hope these can help you make indoor planting a breeze! But of course, you can also rely on more traditional ways of taking care of your plants like connecting with other plant parents and asking them for help, going to your nearest plant nursery and consulting with them, or maybe even keep a traditional plant calendar that you can personally design and write notes on!


Happy planting!

5 Best Plant Apps To Take Better Care Of Your Plants

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