10 Creative Decorating Ideas to Fill The Blank Spaces At Home

Creative decor ideas for empty spaces at home

Make your space your own! Don’t hesitate to mix and match colors, move furniture pieces, and decorate with your most favorite embellishments. Home is where you spend most of your time, so make it feel as cozy as possible and a space that is a reflection of you. 

However, even when you’ve placed the decor in the right places, you may find yourself looking at some empty spaces. It’s not because you don’t have enough furniture but there’s just “something” missing. Buying more decorative pieces may not be the answer and potentially will just lead to more clutter in the home.

So we’ve come up with 10 quick and easy creative decorating ideas for your home.

1. Choose a statement piece

Rattan decor statement piece for living room

A statement piece is not limited to expensive paintings or sculptures. It can be anything from antique pieces, vases, lamps, a table centerpiece or even a piano. Handcrafted, rare items or even pieces that have been handed down through the family are a great touch which captures the attention in that space.

Now, you don’t have to look for a lot of pieces to fill a space, simply choose one piece that can be the focal point and the best part about it, is that it can become a great conversation starter whenever your friends and family visit.

The Brain & Brawn show a great example of using their dining table as a centre piece in their home. It shows you don't have to go out and buy new furniture, simply using what you have is the key!

2. Display your own gallery

Gallery wall for home

Do you love taking photos? Display your best shots and host a gallery at home! It’s a great way to fill the blank spaces and showcase your skills at the same time. Best of all, it adds your own personal touch to your space.

Don’t like taking photos? No worries, you can still display photos of special occasions like weddings and birthdays featuring your families, friends, and loved ones. Dig out the old photo albums or scroll through the hundreds of photos you have in your phone and pick a few to frame. They’re a tale to tell when people come to visit.

3. Host your own exhibition

Gallery wall

Do you collect toys, albums, shoes, books, or merchandise from your favorite band? Perhaps, you have trophies and recognition you’ve acquired over the years sitting in the cupboard? Take them out and host an exhibition in your home!

You’ve worked hard on your collection, so why keep it hidden, right? No need for fancy hanging shelves, even a side table will do. Just make sure they’re secured in place, especially when little children visit. 

4. Designate an accent wall

Printed wallpaper accent wall for home

Keeping it simple and minimalist is the trend, but a little bit of embellishment is good to have too! That’s exactly what an accent wall does. Instead of painting all the walls the same color, you can paint one wall with a different color to strike a contrast and give it some depth.

If you’re not a fan of paint you can always use wallpaper and these days you can get the type that sticks on and is easily removable (for when you change your mind). This is great for one large wall or even for small spaces such as in front of a desk or as a backing for shelving units. 

5. Hang some curtains to capture the mood of the room

Neutral minimalist curtains for bedroom

Windows can open up a space but also can make it feel a bit empty so if that’s where you’re at with your space, why not try hanging some curtains or blinds? Great thing is, you can always mix and match different colors and designs depending on the mood and style of the room. Long pleated neutral curtains are great for a minimalist design, or try folded bamboo blinds for a unique natural look.

Aside from filling the blank spaces, they’re also an excellent way to provide yourself some privacy. Plus, they can minimize the heat from the sun during summer and keep your home well-insulated during winter. 

6. Style the floor with rugs

Neutral printed rug for living room

Enough with wall decorations, place embellishments on the floor too! Rugs are perfect for tying a room together and giving the space some warmth. It doesn’t need to be an overly bright or patterned rug (if that’s not your jam) but choosing one that has a similar color pallet to the room can tie everything together beautifully. Be sure to choose a rug size that is fit for the room! I always like to think bigger is better as you can always tuck it under the sofa or have it coming out from the furnishings. 

Rugs aren’t just limited to the living room either. They’re great for long hallways, kitchens and bedrooms. Also make sure to choose a rug that is fit for the type of room it is in. For example if the room has a lot of foot traffic you want one that is hard wearing and easy to clean. 

7. Buy printed furniture pieces

Printed colorful chairs

Have you filled all the blank spaces in your home but it still feels empty? It may be because the pieces of furniture are too plain and now blur into a one toned space. There’s nothing wrong with neutral (I’m definitely a big fan) as it can be a timeless choice, however, having the odd printed furniture piece can give a unique flavor to your space.

Just one or two pieces can do the trick but if you haven’t seen any patterns that catch your eye in the stores then you may want to re-cover an old piece of furniture, which will give you far more material choice and it’ll make that piece of furniture completely unique.

8. Play with lighting

Pendant lights for kitchen

Accentuate the spaces in your home with good lighting! Aside from the standard white bulb, try using warm bulbs in lamps, or stylish hanging fixtures as a focal point. This is particularly great in kitchen areas over islands or down hallways. 

Lighting is what creates the mood of the room so be sure to think of how you want the room to feel before purchasing your fixtures. If you’re looking for a cozy vibe try using multiple lamps in a space with warm bulbs, or if you’re looking for something to brighten up a dark space then go for a more white colored bulb that brightens the whole room at once. To keep your electricity costs low, make sure your lighting fixtures meet the international standards and are energy-efficient.

9. Convert that empty space to storage

Open shelf with plants and decor

If there’s a blank space in your home, why not convert it to storage? Install cabinets or cupboards to tuck away non-essential items and keep your home tidy. Or convert dead space that would otherwise go unused (such as under the stairs) into a little study nook or office space!

Splitting a blank wall up with shelves is also a great use of dead space. It adds depth to a room whilst being functional for storage or as a place to display your favorite home decor pieces. A wee tip here for you - Partitioning your shelves makes it easier to style rather than having one large, loooong shelf as you can section your items more easily. 

10. Place indoor plants around your home

Indoor plant decor

The blank space inside your home is perfect for some indoor plants! They brighten up your home and purify the air too! If you’re worried about constantly taking care of your plants, don’t be! Plants like succulents, snake plant, spider plant, and Chinese evergreen only need little care and you can check our our other blog - 5 plants that are hard to kill

Make sure to match these plants with functional plant stands and aesthetic baskets! A mid-century design is a perfect addition to any home due to its minimalist style.

To create beautiful spaces at home, snag sturdy plant stands and baskets from Alfie & Gem! Check out our quality and affordable pieces, and buy one today!


xo, Gem
Creative decor ideas for empty spaces

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