10 Ways To Show Off Your Woven And Wicker Basket Storage

 Entryway decor style with woven baskets

Woven and wicker baskets are the perfect storage. They’re functional to keep your smallest to biggest items and handy to move around the house when needed. Not to mention, they look great too, regardless of their size and shape — easily adding a bit of character to your space!


I love woven and wicker baskets and they’re pretty much everywhere around the home. I like to show them off because why not, right? Here I’ve listed some of the best ways I display my basket storage. Hopefully, you can get some inspiration to get started with yours too!


1. Storage on the entry table

 Entryway basket storage and organization

For small and last-minute items like car keys, hand sanitizer, and mask (friendly reminder to wear your mask!), I keep them in a small woven basket on my entry table. Not only do I avoid forgetting some essentials that I need to bring, but it makes a beautiful entry piece at home too!


If you have some small wicker baskets, use them to keep some of your easily-lost items at home too, like remote controls and pens. This prevents these items to clutter your space, with them having a designated place.


Plus, having woven baskets through the home can follow some decoration continuation too! It’s one of those little things that make your home look extra chic.


2. Shoes and disinfection tools

 Woven basket storage for shoes in entryway

Before the pandemic started, I usually placed my shoes in my designated woven basket right at my doorsteps. It’s a good spot to change into my house slippers and keep all the dirt and mess contained in one place. This way, I don’t have to clean the mess in my flooring throughout the home! Sounds genius, right?


When the pandemic hit, I added another basket to tuck away my disinfecting tools like sprays, wipes, and sanitizers. While it’s still best to shower after coming from outside, you can never go wrong with disinfecting and getting rid of as many traces of the virus before entering the home.


3. Toy basket

Basket storage and organization for toys 

Whenever my nieces and nephews come over to our house, it’s always hard getting them to tidy up after playing! Often, they leave some small pieces like lego that you can step on accidentally! What’s great about baskets is, you can easily tuck away these toys to keep your space clutter-free.


For toddlers, it’s recommended to keep a basket without a lid as it only takes a minute to tuck away their toys. For bigger kids, you can use a wicker basket with a lid to make sure all the clutter is tidied up and hidden.


Here’s a pro-tip: this works just as well for your pets too! I keep Alfie’s favorite toys, grooming tools, and some treats in a wicker basket toward a nice nook in my living room!


4. Home office storage

 Home office basket storage for magazines and office supplies

If you’re like me who’s working from home, you’ll understand the challenge of keeping your paper works and documents tidied up. Luckily, I find woven baskets to work great in cleaning and sorting out my paper works easily.


I use different baskets to keep my clean papers, used papers that I can reuse, and important documents that I need to go through. Of course, you can add more baskets if you have more papers and documents to keep.


What’s great is, they easily complement well with my other decors at home! I don’t have to keep them hidden in the cupboards as they also act as decorative pieces.


5. Toiletries and cleaning tools

 Woven basket for towels and laundry

It’s no news that buying in bulk saves you money, but where exactly can you keep all the items you don’t need to use just yet?


If you lack space in your bathroom cabinet, make use of baskets. Depending on their size, you can keep even big-sized shampoos, shower gels, moisturizers, and lotions. Aside from toiletries, I store my towels in baskets and simply cover them so they don’t collect dust.


Near the bathtub, I keep some bath bombs, rose petals, and bath salts. It depends on your preference, but I like to keep some scents, candles, and some wine while I relax and binge-watch my favorite Netflix series.


6. Laundry basket

Woven laundry basket for bedrooms

Just because you store your dirty laundry in it doesn’t mean your laundry basket has to look ugly! A trusty woven basket works great in keeping your dirty laundry low-key even if it’s there in plain sight among other decors at home.


Make sure to pick the right size laundry basket for your household needs. Getting a basket too small may force you to do laundry at random and unscheduled times. On the other hand, getting a basket too big may tempt you to put off your laundry, to the point that it’s such a hard task to finish them.


It was also my struggle at first as I thought the bigger the laundry basket, the better. I learned the hard way! Make sure to take note of this tip to avoid committing the same mistake as I did.


7. Indoor plant pots

 Peace lily plant in an indoor plant pot basket

For the ultimate picturesque indoor plants, place them in woven baskets! This works great for me to keep nursery pots in disguise. Not to mention, it adds a warm touch to the home, making it cozy and more breathable — literally with all the green around you!


What’s more, you can pair them with a wooden plant stand to add height and make your plants more eye-catching! Check out our minimalist baskets which are handwoven from 100% recycled cotton rope. Another great thing I love about these cotton baskets is that you can fold them and keep them when not in use so it won’t add up to visual clutter.



8. Pantry haul

Kitchen pantry storage using basket tray 

If you’re looking for the best ways to organize your pantry storage, make use of baskets! As a pro-tip, make sure to label each basket before tucking them away. I’ve fallen into the trick of pulling out every basket just to find where I placed the flour!


To make your pantry basket storage more functional, check for baskets with handles or DIY the baskets you currently have. This gives you easy access to whatever you’re looking for. Aside from your goodies, you can also use these baskets for your cooking materials and utensils.


9. Closet storage

 Basket storage and organizer in a walk-in closet

Where do you keep your undergarments, socks, hats, or purses? To keep your closet clutter-free and aesthetic, keep your small garments and accessories in woven and wicker baskets. To make it easier to identify which basket is for which, label them accordingly. Or if you’re feeling a bit more creative like me, color code them!


If you happen to purchase bigger baskets, keep your comforters, sheets, and linens, blankets there! You can also store some seasonal clothing like swimwear and padded coats, and keep them in your closet until it’s time to use them again.


10. All-around basket storage

 Wicker basket catch-all

Miscellaneous items are unavoidable! Whether it’s the earbuds that you use while working or the placemats that you only use when dining, you can’t prevent them from cluttering your space. A simple hack to hide these clutters is to stash them in all-around basket storage.


You can place them beside or under your console table, or your bedside table as it’s easily the most reachable part of your home. However, you can also place one under the side table or beneath the countertop — it’s always up to you. Just make sure to sort out these items later on, so it doesn’t clutter your space — and you’re all set!


How do you show off your woven and wicker basket storage at home? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

 How to use your woven baskets for decor and storage


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