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Acacia Stand with adjustable width
Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)
Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)
Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)
Adjustable Acacia Wood Mid Century Plant Stand. Fits plant pot sizes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 inch.
Instructions on how to assemble wooden plant stand
Monstera plant style in a black planter with wooden plant stand
Adjustable wooden plant stand made from Acacia, inspired by mid-century modern style
These dark-colored wooden plant stands made from Acacia are handcrafted by professional artisans. We made it adjustable so you can use it for any plant pots that you have at home. Assembly is made easy so you won't have to spend hours fixing it or even doing a DIY plant stand.
Acacia wooden plant stand and cotton plant basket for boho, mid-century interiors and bedroom.
Wooden plant stand and cotton plant basket for indoor spaces such as home and office area.
Acacia wooden plant stand for bedroom and living room plants
Wooden plant stand with darker tone made from natural organic acacia.
Natural planter and acacia plant stand for the living room and other indoor spaces.
Adjustable indoor plant stand for big or small plant pots
Adjustable indoor plant stand with 9 to 12 inches width
Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)
Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)
Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)
Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)
Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)
Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)
Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)

Acacia Mid-Century Plant Stand (Adjustable)

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Adjustable wood planter stands to elevate the look of your houseplants.


Inspired by the sleek lines and minimalist designs of the 1950s, these wood plant pot stands are the perfect way to add a statement piece to any space. Perfect fit for interior design styles like mid-century modern, farmhouse, rustic, Scandinavian, and boho.


These wooden plant display stands are neither chemically dyed nor painted. Rather than creating something that had been dipped and covered up, we designed it so that the natural tones of the grain would be the focal point.

Acacia wood is famously known for its beautiful varying color tones ranging from light to dark which makes every one of them unique. A softer wood makes creating these slightly more difficult but we know it’s worth it in the end!


We know it can be tiresome having to get a bigger stand as your plant grows so we have designed one that will grow with your plant. These Mid-century wooden plant stands have an expandable width and can fit pots between the sizes of 9-12” wide. Each of these acacia plant stands can also be flipped upside down so you can adjust between different heights.


These planters are handcrafted to last a long time. Built with an enhanced dowel cross-section, these sturdy wooden planter stands can withstand weights up to 200lbs.


They’re a breeze to put together. Simply slot the 2 pieces of wood together and screw tight with the Allen key and screw provided.


Product Details


Acacia Wood


15 inches tall

10 inches from the floor to the base where your pot will sit

Flip the stand vertically and the pot can now sit 7 inches from the ground for a lower looking stand

Adjustable width 9”-12”

Talk about versatility!


  • 1 Allen key + screw for assembly
  • 4 protective foot pads


Our plant stands are simple to care for, simply dust with a dry cloth when necessary.

Predominantly made for indoor use however acacia being a natural resource means they can be used outside but like anything we keep outside, over time the natural elements will have an effect on the quality of it.

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