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Jute and white handwoven basket for holding plants and storing laundry, toys, gym equipment.
Beautiful cotton rope baskets perfect as housewarming gift. Multi-functional and decorative. Can be used of laundry, magazines, toys, or for plants.
Beautiful decorative woven cotton baskets for storing laundry, blankets, pillowcases, rugs. Use it as a storage basket for the house or indoor plant holder.
Sturdy indoor plant holder. Handwoven from 100% thick cotton rope.
Sturdy handwoven cotton rope baskets for storing gym equipment, kids' toys, yoga mats, laundry, rugs, magazines. Multi-functional and beautiful storage basket.
White cotton rope basket to brighten interior spaces. Perfect for holding indoor plants.
Light-colored handwoven cotton rope baskets for plant pots of different sizes.
Minimalist planter handwoven from cotton. Can be used for pots big and small. Best for boho, neutral, scandinavian, mid-century interiors. Sturdy and high-quality basket.

Jute & White Cotton Basket

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Minimalist plant pot basket that doubles as chic storage basket.


Our cotton rope plant basket is the perfect addition to any home. This is a versatile home organization piece you can use for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, playroom, entryways, office—be it as a plant pot cover bag, or as decorative basket storage for your towels, laundry, toiletries, blankets, magazines, toys, gym gear, electronics..... just about anything you can fit in it.


Handwoven from 100% recycled, organic cotton. Look carefully and you can see the flecks of colors from the recycled pieces of rope.


To create strength, durability, and flexibility, these woven plant baskets have been sewn in a coiling method so they can stand upright around your plants or your trinkets. You can use the same basket even as your plants grow and as you change your nursery pots to bigger pots.


A chic/cute plant basket that can hide even the ugliest pots and can blend perfectly alongside plants of all colors. We especially designed it to fit right into any interior style- clean modern, farmhouse, rustic, boho, Scandinavian, minimalistic, mid-century, etc.


When not in use, you can easily fold it flat for easy storage.

Product Details


100% thick cotton rope (recycled and organic)

*These baskets are made of cotton and are used for decorative purposes. Please do not plant directly into the basket. Plants will need to be kept in their nursery pots or similar before being placed into the basket.


Diameter: 11 inches

Height: 11 inches


  • Black & White Woven Plant Basket- simple and timeless that gives a great contrast against green plants. 
  • Jute, Black & White Woven Plant Basket - minimalistic yet sophisticated, a mix of three contrasting colors. 
  • Jute & White Woven Plant Basket - has a light and neutral appeal for modern minimalistic homes. These tones look great with any home or office decor with its neutral colors and looks fantastic with our acacia wood stands as the light and dark complement each other perfectly.


They will arrive carefully folded up to protect them in transit, so we included some quick and easy tips to get them bouncing back to their glorious formations.

It is best to take your plant out when watering to help protect the cotton. If it's dirty, simply wipe it clean using a damp cloth. Don’t leave spills on the surface to avoid staining.

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