Woven Basket Plant Stand For Indoors - 9"-12" | Alfie & Gem – alfie & gem
The plant stand and beige plant pot cover is the perfect boho accessory for your plants. These plant decor are handmade from natural materials - cotton rope and wood, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable boho option for your housing plants in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere in your house.
Acacia Adjustable Plant Stand + Jute & White Pot Basket
Indoor plant stand with woven plant basket for indoor and outdoor plants. Can be use to add style to living room, bedroom, office, and home. Beautiful and stylish plant basket for minimalist aesthetics
Mid-century indoor plant basket and plant stand made from organic cotton and natural wood. Perfect for boho, rustic bedrooms and interiors.
Wooden plant stand with adjustable width and height for small and large plant pots
Made from durable Acacia and Bamboo wood, our easy-to-assemble plant stands fit perfectly in your decor.
Featuring a combination of mid-century modern and minimalist style, these will surely serve as the perfect plant holder for your houseplants.
Our wooden house plant stand are very easy to assemble, and can be adjusted easily to fit medium to large pots. These indoor plant stands are the perfect addition to farmhouse, rustic, minimalist, and mid-century modern decor styles. Great for indoor and outdoor plants.
Acacia Adjustable Plant Stand + Jute & White Pot Basket
Handmade from durable wood (Bamboo and Acacia), our plant stands will add a contemporary touch to any space. Its classic light and dark wood color has a modern touch that works well with potted plants and flowers. A versatile plant stand that can fit rustic, farmhouse, modern, minimalistic interior spaces.
Wooden plant stand and cotton plant basket for indoor spaces such as home and office area.

Acacia Adjustable Plant Stand + Jute & White Pot Basket

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Indoor woven plant basket and stand set for a picturesque plant oasis inside or outside your home.


Whether you’re a first-time plant owner or a full-fledged plant parent, this woven basket planter stand set has got your greens covered (and lifted). It's a no-brainer planter set that looks great together and has been designed specifically to fit each other. 


Aside from being a cozy home for your plants, these indoor plant stands and pot plant baskets also very sturdy and durable. You won't have to worry about them losing their quality and shape over time as they're made from high-grade bamboo wood, acacia wood, and cotton rope. They'll be with you as your plants grow!


The coziest and warmest places are always decked out in plants—because they breathe life (literally!) into any space. Make your indoor and outdoor space feel more inviting by adding touches of greens and natural-based materials like this set of tall plant stand and large plant basket.

Product Details


Acacia wood

100% thick cotton rope (recycled & organic)


Indoor Plant Stand: 15 inches tall (adjustable legs of 9” - 12”)

Woven Plant Basket: 11 inches in diameter (11” in height)


Plant Stand:

  • Acacia Plant Stand - has beautiful light and dark-colored tones throughout the grain which makes them completely unique. 

If you want a lighter wooden plant stand, check our Bamboo Plant Stand.

Cotton Rope Basket:

  • Jute & White Woven Basket - has a light and neutral appeal for modern minimalistic homes.

 You can also check other colors for our Cotton Rope Baskets.

*These baskets are made of cotton and are used for decorative purposes. Please do not plant directly into the basket. Plants will need to be kept in their nursery pots or similar before being placed into the basket.


All our products are made of natural materials therefore it is best to wipe them down with a damp or dry cloth when necessary. Avoid using abrasive cleaning detergents on them.