2021 New Year’s Resolution for New Plant Parents

New year plant care resolution for 2021

This 2021, I think we should all resolve to make our homes greener! Not just because it's the trend but also because we truly appreciate the benefits they give us—creating a healthier space around us. If you’re a stranger to indoor planting, or still just a newbie, “become a better plant parent” sure is at the top of your new year’s resolution. It’s a great goal, but that would be hard to track down. Below, I’ve listed specific and measurable resolutions even a black thumb can follow. 

“I resolve to spend at least 5 minutes a day tending to my plants.”

Plant watering and plant tending resolution


It’s time that we put “plant-tending” at the upper part of our priority list. We should all start giving a bit more attention to our plants and spend even just 5 minutes a day caring for them. These few minutes of dedicated time can be used either for watering them, feeding/fertilizing them, cleaning them, checking the soil, and checking other symptoms. 

Plus, setting aside some time for our plants can also be a great therapeutic activity. Put on a nice playlist if you want, and have a blast with your plant babies. Plant-tending is only a chore if you make it that!

Afraid you might forget their watering, fertilizing, pruning schedule? We got you! We just released a FREE Printable Plant Care Calendar which can help you easily track your plant's monthly care routine schedule. Get them here.


“I resolve to write a journal about the growth of my plant at least once a week.”

Keeping a plant journal

Start a plant journal so you can be in tune with your plants’ needs to make sure they’re getting the best care possible. You may think plants are mindless, but they can actually speak to you! They do so through their leaves and roots. So by recording what you can observe in their leaves, roots, and what routines you're doing throughout their lifecycle, you’re actually decoding the message they’re sending you.


“I resolve to plant something new every few months.”

For some, their resolution might actually be the opposite of this, and I can totally understand how hard it can be to keep yourself from getting new plant babies!

But for others, especially the new plant parents out there, exploring and trying to house new unfamiliar plants can seem daunting. If you’re afraid you might kill them if you get a new one, don’t be. There are tons of resources online, and you can connect with other plant lovers out there to virtually help you grow your plants. Take the time also to visit a nursery near you, so you can get proper recommendations for growing your new plants. It’s always good to explore uncharted territories and learn something new.

Plants are real fun to have around the house! So let’s start taking better care of them so they can also take care of us. What are your indoor planting new year resolutions?

New year plant care resolutions for new plant parents and blackthumb

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