5 cheap ways to give your home a stylish look on a budget in 2020

Here are 5 simple ways you can style your living space without breaking the bank account


1. Add Textures

Textures add depth, warmth and creativity to a room. It's all about layering different textiles, colours and materials to bring a space to life.

So let's get down to some examples!

  1. Add a range of coloured cushions with different cushion covers or shapes. Why not pair up a round lace cushion with a floral velvet one?
  2. Rugs! The perfect piece to add texture. Add one to your wooden floors to bring a bit of warmth back or use it to join your living room pieces together. You could even layer a couple of different styles (all the bigwigs are doing it!)
  3. A simple throw can make your couch feel cosy!
  4. Layering Photo frames on a shelf together. Different sizes with differently styled frames. Some can be leant against the wall while others are propped up by a stand. Mix it up!     
  5. Arranging a variety of textiles together on a shelf such as varying types of sized pottery or a rattan basket with magazines inside.

2. Add a new splash of paint

Living room with plant rope basket and Acacia wood Mid Century plant stand

So simple, so cheap, yet it can transform the look of a room. You might just want to do a feature wall rather than the whole room. (This is what I did with this wall and it has given the room so much more depth). Paint is cheaper than wallpaper but you can get some cheap rolls out there if you hunt them down.

It really is easy to do yourself (trust me, I just gave it my first try and it came out fine...and I'm definitely no DIY expert).

Not sure what colour to paint it? I started off by creating a Pinterest board and pinning living rooms I liked the look of. After a while, I saw a trend in the colours I liked and went down to my local paint store to find similar colours. I bought a few sample pots and tested them on an area where I could cover it up and VOILA!

3. Buy some cheap prints and frame them yourself

Wall art

Buying prints that are framed can be expensive. Especially if you are getting them delivered. However a great way to reduce cost is to find an online store that sells a print and then go to a cheaper store like Walmart or Home Depot and grab an inexpensive frame. 

You might even find some really cool vintage frames in a thrift store!  

4. Plants and Baskets

Adding plants to your interior is truly the bee's knees. It brings a little bit of that outdoor magic, inside! Why else are people drawn to warm places where the inside makes you feel like you're dining al fresco? Or all those new hipster bars where they have vines and hanging baskets draping from the roof.

Adding a few plant friends can make a room feel calm and tranquil. If you're hesitant with your ability to care for plants then choose ones that require little maintenance and low light to survive.  
However, don't ruin the plant vibe by throwing it in a cheap planter! This is your time to make a centrepiece that pops! Plant pots can be heavy and expensive, that's why we love our range of plant baskets. You're not so restricted to size and they add style and texture!

5. Re-arrange the room

Ahh we all love a FREEBIE!
Bored of your space? Limited on funds? Or you may already have everything you've wanted to add but you're still not satisfied? Why not try switching the room around? Try looking at it as a blank canvas and start fresh (also, this is a great time to throw clutter out). Great thing is, if you don't like it....you can always switch it back!

Go for it! 

Don't be afraid to try something new, be adventurous, step out of your interior comfort zone. No longer does your living space need to be matchy-matchy.   If you mix an oak side-table with a brass plaited lamp or a chrome-framed coffee table perched on a black and white wool rug, you'll make your space feel much more interesting and unexpected. 

The ideas are endless but first, you just have to give it a go and experiment! 


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