Homeowners On A Budget: 10 DIY Home Decors


Cozy dining room
Want to renovate your home but are currently low on budget? Redecorating your home doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars! With just a few simple touches and retouches, your DIY home decors can be as good — if not better than store-bought decors. 
So, pull up your Pinterest and find inspirations for your ultimate home makeover! We’ll take care of the rest to make sure you don’t spend the big bucks for your decorations. 
Take a look at these DIY home decorations, perfect for homeowners on a budget.


1. Rearrange your furniture

Bohemian table styling with sanded wooden table

Are your old furniture pieces still in great condition?! If they ain’t broke, don’t throw it — it’s money down the drain. Instead, rearrange them! Your placement of the furniture in your home may become boring over time. Usually, rearranging can easily do the trick.
Otherwise, another trick up my sleeve is repainting old wooden furniture pieces! It’s a great chance to refurbish old pieces with varnish to make them stronger and prevent them from housing termites. 
Done all these tricks but are still not satisfied with the result? Then, taking out some pieces may help. Sometimes, it’s not because you don’t have enough furniture — it’s the opposite! You may have too many, to the point that it negatively impacts the flow of the space and makes it feel overcrowded.


2. Refurbish old furniture pieces

What to do with those furniture pieces you’ve taken out? They can still be of good use if you repurpose them right! You can make these out-of-style pieces into something more modern and trendier with easy conversions and refinishing projects.
The great thing about repurposing is, you don’t have to build from scratch! Be it a nightstand, TV stand, or side table, you already have the base structure of the furniture — you simply have to get creative to make them good as new.
To give you ideas of possible repurposing ideas, here’s what I usually do:
  • Rattan divider into a headboard
  • Vintage suitcase into a toy box
  • Sand and repaint bedside tables
  • An old vanity into storage space
  • Re-upholster an older couch
The Brain & the Brawn have some great strategies for using older furniture - You can check their blog out here.


    3.  Switch to decorative hardware and accessories

    Kitchen open shelving
    Keeping your home decors grand isn’t a problem, but make sure to focus on the details too! While furniture and appliances make your home a head-turner, it’s in the details that can make your space feel home.
    I can attest on how changing even a small detail can really make a big difference for your home! The best thing, it doesn’t cost much to do this. All it takes is a simple replacement of hardware or accessories.

    Some of the best opportunities to add details at home are:
    • Updating your cabinet, cupboard, or door knobs for a modern look - Check how The Harbour Breeze Home did it for their master bedroom 🙌
    • Playing with different lampshades and colors
    • Replacing your kitchen faucet and sink
    • Clearing the clutter like figurines and accessories


    4. Repaint and create accent walls


    Green accent wall
    For an affordable DIY hack, repaint your walls! A pop of color can create a 360-degree transformation. Once the paint dries, you can make your space feel alive again, and even change the mood of your home completely!
    Want something more exciting than simple colors? You can always mix and match, and create a variety of combinations. Make use of different painting techniques such as ombre, stencil, color wash, and sponging. 
    Get playful with paints and apply these hacks to your walls.
    • Create a contrasting accent wall to make a focal point for your home
    • Paint your ceiling white to create an illusion of it being higher
    • Use different colors in varying spaces to create mood


    5. Mix colors with prints and patterns

    White bedroom with printed black and white rug

    Whether you're a fan of neutral color schemes or playful color tones, you can't go wrong with adding a few print and pattern details here and there. It's such an easy and fun way to change up the vibe of a space and boost visual interest.


    The best decor tip I can give when choosing patterns for your interiors is to always remember to combine prints in different styles and scales. First, identify which element will have the largest-scale or the most prominent pattern⏤typically it's the rug, the wall, or a furniture set. Afterwards, layer it with smaller scale prints with complementary or contrasting colors to your dominant pattern. Items with smaller scale prints often include throw pillows, blankets, curtains, etc.


    The more variety of scales in your patterns, the less overwhelming and the more comfortable the space will feel.


    6. Score great finds through thrifting

    Raw wooden table with metal legs

    Do you want to replace your old furniture but don’t have the money to buy a new one yet? Thrifting is heaven-sent for both you and I! How great it is to get  our favorite trendy pieces for half the price, right?


    Just because it’s used doesn’t mean they’re not worth it to be in your home anymore! They just need simple retouches, and they’ll be good as new in no time. Or, you may leave the pieces alone! Keep its vintage and rustic vibes to match the motif of your home. I've done this in our master bedroom and it's actually been a blessing as I don't need to feel precious about what I put on them.


    You can buy these secondhand pieces in reuse centers and garage sales from your community. I scored some best finds through different online listing websites like Craigslist, Instagram Shop, and Facebook Marketplace.


    7. Make space for a plant corner

    Bohemian plant corner with succulents

    If you have an empty corner in your home, one way to utilize it is by creating your own indoor plant nook in there. You get to brighten up your space, purify the air, and reduce your stress levels all the same time, without paying for the big bucks!


    It’s best to tend to real plants as much as possible. Taking care of plants improves your memory and can be a therapeutic activity especially for the elderly. Of course, faux plants are okay too, especially if you don’t have the magic touch for planting. After all, it’s still a better option than to let your plants die!


    If you're tired of the same old black nursery pots your plants came in with when you buy them, you can get decorative plant pot covers to hide them. Alfie & Gem's woven baskets lends a minimalistic touch to your interiors as it comes in neutral colors that blends in easily with any decor style. But the best part is, they can be reused even after your plants have grown and you've decided to repot them! This means less clutter for you too!

    8. Walls can be works of art too!

    Bedroom with a large abstract wall art above the bed


    Have you done all the necessary repaintings? Time to match this with some wall arts! If you don't want to spend a lot on buying artworks, you can find printable ones online. Choose a design that match your aesthetic, print them on a good quality paper, and pop them in a frame that you like! If you're down for digital arts with minimalist design, muted colors, and abstract elements, be sure to check out our digital wall art collection.


    Want a more personalized touch? A DIY gallery wall of your photos and favorite portraits may be more like your taste! Before mounting the artworks, one key point is determining its size. Make sure it’s not too small as to make it insignificant or too big to make it overpowering.


    As a pro tip, make sure you hang something you love personally— not just because it’s fashionable. Or else, you may have to swap out artworks all the time!


    9. Add Mid-Century Modern pieces for a timeless look

    A black couch with indoor plants

    If you're decorating and designing your own interiors, it's always best to opt for classic and timeless designs. One interior design style you can check if you want your home to look timeless is Mid-Century Modern. It's easy to mix them with other interior design styles too like Scandinavian, farmhouse, industrial, minimalist, and many more!

    Pieces with Mid-Century Modern design are perfect as statement pieces too as they have organic and clean lines that makes for a great focal point in your house. You can start by slowly adding a few smaller statement pieces before buying bigger furniture pieces so you can easily experiment and decide if you really want to go for that look. For starters, you can check out Alfie & Gem's adjustable mid-century plant stands. It lets you add a bit more height to your plants, while keeping your floor surfaces looking less cluttered and more spacious.

    Remember to concentrate first on smaller area within your house that you want to transform before deciding to change up everything.

    10. Install hanging shelves for an organized and clean look


    Clean and organized floating shelf

    Another easy way to hide clutter and maximize space without compromising style is by installing floating shelves. Open shelving are gaining popularity these days as they add lots of storage to small spaces, and doesn't take up huge floor space.


    The best thing about this hack is you don't have to spend a lot of time and effort to do it! You can easily buy them at any home goods store, mount them yourself, rearrange your decors, and you’re all set. Don't forget to add some trailing plants and a few books to keep it looking cosy.



    xo, Gem

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