How to Use A Plant Care Calendar and Watering Tracker

Plant Watering Tracker

We know how overwhelming it can be to keep track of your plant's care routine like watering requirements, feeding or fertilization schedule, and sometimes even the rotation of the pot for light requirements—especially if you have a lot of houseplants to take care of! 

And that is exactly where our Alfie & Gem FREE printable plant care tracker can help you! Whether it's an easy-to-care houseplant, outdoor plant, vegetable, or flowering plant that you have, we've got you and your plant covered!

If you're someone who likes to make use of good old-fashioned pen and paper to organize and plan your activities, then this Printable Plant Calendar is perfect for you! No worries if you're more digitally inclined, look out for our next blog for apps that can help you with your plant care activities!

What is a Plant Care Calendar and Tracker?

Plant Watering Calendar

Alfie & Gem's Plant Care Calendar is a printable monthly calendar designed to help you keep monitoring your plant's caring routine. It's an easy-to-understand plant journal where you can also write plant care notes that you need to remember for the month, and also a fun and creative way to do them! Bonus: You can use and re-print them for years to come!

Why do you need a Plant Care Tracker?

Each of our plants requires different attention and care, especially if you have lots of them or have a few high-maintenance "drama-queen" plants like Nerve plants or Fittonia, and others. You’ll need to keep track of when do you water them including which plants need watering on certain days. Not only that, but it’s also important to keep an eye on their levels of light versus shade or when you last rotate the plant container or move them for sunbathe. And of course, it's also necessary to remember when do you give them plant food or fertilizer as well as the best and worst times to feed your plants. Even the repotting can sometimes be something to keep track of. It's a lot to remember, right? So having them all recorded and organized in one place will save you a lot of time and headaches!


How To Use Alfie & Gem's Plant Care Tracker? 

Step One: Download it here 

You can get our printable plant care tracker for free when you subscribe to our newsletter through this page! Don't worry we don't spam, we only send goodies like plant care tips and tricks, home decorating guides, and even secret promo codes from our shop!

Step Two: Print

Plant Care Calendar

We have two available designs, one with a green background and one with a white background. Once downloaded, print your chosen plant care tracker design on a US-letter-sized paper. You can also opt for a black and white print setting if you like! Print as many as you like (or maybe 12 so you're covered for the whole year!), and you can file them on a binder, folder, or an envelope.

Step Three: Write down the details.

Now that you have your plant care tracker printed, you're ready to start writing down details.

  1. Circle the month you are in right now. You can also add the year in the "Additional Notes" section. 
  2. There's plenty of spaces to list all of your plants, so go ahead and write them down. You can use the plant's scientific name or the name you gave them. 😉
  3. Draw, write, or add the color of your preferred symbol or marking for "water", "fertilizer", and "rotate" in the Legend section. For example, if you want a blue circle to indicate "water" then you will draw a blue circle inside the small box on the day you watered your plant. It's all up to you!
  4. Keep track of the date using the numbers written beside the "Plant Name"

Plant Care Tracker


Step Four: Keep track of what's working (and not) for your plants

It's not always easy to grow indoor plants, and there are a lot of factors at play. What works for one plant may not work for the other even if they're the same species or variant. You can add notes in the "Additional Notes" section to write quick information regarding their overall growth pattern, light requirements, flowering patterns and any signs of problems like root rot or yellowing leaves, etc.

Step Five: Build the habit of keeping track of your plant's routine

We totally understand that sometimes there will be lazy days where you won't feel like writing down or tracking anything. But trust us, once you've become used to tracking these care routines for your plants, it won't feel like a chore at all! 

We hope you enjoy your new plant care tracker! If you have any questions, or just want to say hi to us, message us via our Instagram @alfie_n_gem!


Free Printable Plant Care Tracker

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