Home Decor Trends That Will Dominate 2021

The new year is here, and it seems that 2021 is shaping up to be quite a diverse yet cozy year for home decor trends. Going au naturel is likely to be a key point in home decor this year. 

2021 home decor trends to follow

Let me take you through some trends that are expected to boom this year.


1. Houseplant and Indoor Garden

2021 houseplant and indoor garden trend


You guessed it, indoor gardening is here to stay! The pandemic made us all want to bring the outdoors in to get that daily dose of nature, and after seeing the benefits of these lovely plant friends, there’s no doubting people would want them to stay indoors. In case you haven’t started growing your own house plants yet but already thinking of doing so, here’s a piece of advice: do your homework before buying anything, take into consideration the amount of light, water, and extra care they’ll need and if you can keep up those things.

Along with this, keep an eye out also for nature-inspired patterns like botanical and nature-inspired wall arts, wallpapers, etc.


2. Natural Materials

2021 interior trends using rattan boho natural materials


We’re all really nature lovers at heart, don’t you guys think? As you can see from the past few months, items made from natural materials like rattan, seagrass, bamboo, water hyacinth, wood, etc. are appearing everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest, from drink coasters to light fixtures. Personally, I’m loving that natural materials are having their moment now as they’re one of my favorite decor pieces. Try it out yourself by using them as accent pieces for your houseplants, or by simply adding caned furniture to your living room—trust me, they’re such a head turner!


3. Warm Colors and Earth Tones

2021 color trends in home design


As more people are craving the outdoors, and wanting to connect more with nature, expect to see more earth tones in terms of interior colors this year. People want to feel grounded, relaxed, and at ease in their own homes now, so there might be a shift towards warmer colors that evoke a sense of calm, comfort, and nature which could range from burnt orange, light wood, mustard yellow, etc.


4. Creamy-hued ceramics

2021 interior trends home decor ceramic vase trend


Creamy-toned ceramics are sure to have the spotlight this year. Ceramics started gaining more attention last year, but they are surely here to stay this 2021. If you haven’t heard yet, nordic vases like these are all the rage today—it’s present in almost all of our fave designer’s homes. No wonder, they’re always sold out! One of the reasons I personally love them is that the shape add such an interesting vibe to any space plus the texture seems to make the space feel a bit more zen!


5. Abstract Wall Arts

2021 art design trend for home inspiration


I’ve been loving wall arts ever since I discovered printable ones! This year, it seems that statement arts (textile wall art, canvas painting, framed arts) will become even more popular. So go grab any art that speaks your style—be it abstract, or minimalist or even those trendy face line arts and add them at a corner in your home that you want to update this year.

And that’s it for our round-up! Remember, these are just some ideas for the year and not rules to follow! You’d still want your home to have a unique style that speaks your personality and identity.

Anyway, I’m absolutely excited for everything 2021 is projecting, and most of all, because it offers us a new hope and a fresh beginning! What are you most excited about?

2021 Home Decor Trends

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