How To Transition From Christmas to Winter Decor

So, it's that time of the year when we have to clean up all our Christmas decorations and move on to decor for the upcoming season-Winter. 'Tis the time to transition from the joyous holiday season, into the colder winter months.

Cozy winter decor for bedroom


If you are ready for a change, here are some tips and tricks for transitioning from Christmas decorations to winter decorations.


1. Look around and see what you can still use for the winter months
Pine cones for winter decoration


While some decorations need to be packed away for another year, there are definitely some seasonal decorations that can stay. Keep an eye for natural elements like pine cones, antlers, subtle trimmings of garlands or greeneries, birch logs, etc as they work perfectly even after Christmas. These items can be your winter decorative accents, plus they’re great for adding in textures to any space.


2. Add more plants

Low-maintenance plants for winter decoration


There’s no denying that plants bring vitality and life to any room. If you’re afraid to get one because you’re more of a black thumb person, then I suggest you opt for hardy houseplants that can survive winters like the ZZ plant, Chinese evergreen, Jade plant, Philodendron, and Snakeplant (click here if you need more tips on that). Try putting them in a nice basket or pot to add more color to the room.


3. Remember to keep things cozy

Cozy candles and cozy blanket for winter decoration


It’s winter season, so don’t forget to add items that bring in all the cozy vibes. Add plenty of snuggly throws, or oversized fur blankets as they can easily make any space feel more warm and inviting. Flickering candles, with their cozy glow, are also great in creating a cozy mood on a cold winter’s night.


4. Leave the Christmas tree/wreath bare

Unadorned Christmas tree and wreath for Winter Decorations


Don’t have the energy to take down and pack the Christmas tree? Don’t worry, they’re a great winter decor too! Remove the ornaments, bows, lights, and leave the basket or skirt and you’re good to go. They add a nice rustic touch and interest to any space. Unadorned wreaths and garlands are also perfect winter decor!


5. Switch things up

Cozy winter living room


I know taking down all the lights and colorful decor can leave you feeling a bit empty, and the house looking bare, so to spice things up, why not try moving the furniture around? Or repainting some old pieces you have to create a sense of novelty? If you’re repainting, go for blue, white, and greens—they work really well with the winter season.


7. Cozy whites mixed with pops of colors

Cozy white winter decor


Nothing screams Christmas other than red decors, so if you want to stray away from Christmasy decor, try getting the reds out. If you’re into neutral styles, or you love farmhouse and minimalist decor, you can just focus on adding whites to keep things cozy. To liven up the room, inject a bit of color by adding colored throws or blankets.


8. Add interest with gallery walls

Gallery of mirror for winter


Winter days can feel gloomy and dark, so another quick trick to brighten up your home is to create a gallery of mirrors. They can bounce light around the room making the room look brighter. You can also try winter-themed photos for your gallery wall, just be sure that they’re not looking dull.

Happy decorating! And remember, there are no set of rules to follow for decorating for winter. Do what will make you feel at home! I’d love to know about your favorite winter decorations in the comments!


Post-Christmas Decor: How To Transition From Christmas to Winter Decor




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