14 Functional and Stylish Watering Cans That Double As Accent Decors

Stylish Watering Cans

We know it can be tough to grow indoor plants, especially if you're just starting out to navigate your way in the world of houseplants. If things are tough, why not try to take it a bit easy, add some color and fun to your plant care routine and plant corners? One way to turn your plant parenting stress into some lighthearted vibe is by adding fun and interesting pieces into your plant care arsenal—like adding a functional but stylish watering cans that doubles as accent pieces in your home.


Scroll down below to check our top 14 adorable watering cans that serve their purpose but can double as a decorative accent piece in your home.

 Stylish watering cans


Matte Black Minimalist 

Black Matte Watering Can

Material: Iron

If you love contemporary interior decor pieces and neutral color tones in your home, then this minimalist matte black watering can will be your new favorite. The curving top handle, circular shape of the vessel and the clean design will surely turn this into a sculptural-like piece in your plant shelf. The slim long spout gives way for a more precise watering without risking overwatering or spilling water everywhere.

Plant Watering Tip: If you're a beginner and are having a hard time watering your plants, you can opt for watering cans with smaller, tapered spouts (you can also choose longer ones). This will give you a bit more control over the stream allowing you to evenly drench the soil, and aim the water directly into the soil instead of on the foliage or worst, all over the table or plant shelf!


Rose Gold Watering Can

Rose Gold Watering Can

Material: Stainless Steel

Does watering plants often strain your arm because of the heavy water your vessels contain? You probably need a watering can that is just the right size to water your indoor plants but won't strain your arms. This rose-gold metal watering can ensures you keep your plants hydrated without being too much on your arms. The small opening above won't lead to any trouble of unexpected spills too. Perfect if you love mixing glam, industrial, farmhouse or rustic interior styles. We're sure you'll love to display it in that elegant indoor garden of yours!


Stainless Steel Long Spout Black Watering Can

Long Sprout Stainless Steel Black Watering Can

Here's another sleek piece that is worthy to be part of the plant shelfie shots on your Insta-grid. With its long slender body, this black large stainless steel watering can be able to fill it with 1.5L of water, perfect if you have a lot of plant babies in your home. The large but slim ergonomic handle offers comfortability in grip for added convenience while the long narrow spout makes it an interesting and attractive accent in any minimalistic interiors. The deep black color of this vessel will definitely stand out among other planters and complements nicely with the foliage of your plants on display.


Two-Toned Ceramic Watering Can

Two-toned ceramic watering can

Material: Ceramic

This charming water vessel is perfect for those with Scandinavian or Nordic interiors, or if you're a lover of color blocking! This black and tan watering can is made from 100% ceramic which is why it will surely lend a dainty flair in your interiors. What's even cuter is the tapered spout and the cutout at the center which doubles as a handle. 

Think this design looks a bit familiar? Us too! It's definitely reminiscent of the famous donut Nordic vases all over IG and Pinterest. They can totally pass off as cousins! They'll totally make the best pair in your plant display due to their neutral but contrasting colors. 


Glass Watering Can 

Transparent Glass Watering Can

Material: Glass

This sleek clear glass watering can will be newest stylish addition to your gardening routine. The classic small silhouette but conical design will be a design match for everyone who prefers the look of a clean and simple indoor garden. The transparent body lets you see how much more water you have and can give you more control when watering. The tinted handle hits the spot for a good accent decor.


Small Brass Watering Can

Brass copper watering can

Material: Brass

This small brass watering can adds a touch of modern farmhouse or modern rustic mixed with vintage vibes into your home. This vintage-style watering can is also perfect for both new plants and fully grown plants. With its long spout, it ensures mess-free watering. The vessel holds the perfect amount of water for your houseplants.



Ivory Gold Watering Can

White and gold watering can

Material: Galvanized steel

This small ivory white and gold watering can is another charm in your plant care routines. Turn your daily task of watering into a favorite ritual by adding a watering can that features a golden handle and ivory white body—sounds luxurious, right? This will be unique eye catcher in your plant nook when you're done for the day. Plus it's made out of galvanized steel so you won't have to worry about rust!


Translucent Plastic Watering Can

Translucent Plastic Watering Can

Material: PP Plastic

You'll surely want to put this translucent watering can on display along with your household greeneries. This one fits industrial decor styles, but also great for any interior styles due to its classic and modern look! If you're not into warm browns or tan (which are perfect for Fall decor, anyway!), then worry not, you can choose other colors like gray and green! And speaking of worries, there's definitely no need to worry about picking up shards of glasses in case you drop this one because it is made of polypropelene plastic. Lastly, the long spout and large vessel allows for the perfect watering routine for all your houseplants!


Gold Watering Can

Gold Watering Can

Material: Iron

This golden and totally glam watering can features a slim cylindrical vessel with a narrow spout and curving handle. Add it to any open shelves and you'll get everyone wondering if that's a decorative item or a real watering can—but of course, it's both! This gold watering can is truly a delight to hold and behold and with its gleaming gold, it'll be perfect for lovers of maximalist interiors! Choose between two sizes depending on the number of houseplants you have and their watering needs. The slim handle and narrow spout makes for a fuss-free plant hydration. 


Minimalistic White Watering Can with Wooden Handle

White and wood watering can

Material: Galvanized Steel

 Another option for minimalist decor lovers, and even for Japandi style lovers (fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian interiors)! This white and wood watering can would be a delight to add in your plant display especially if you're into adding natural elements and wooden tones in your space. The crisp and clean white body brings out the charm of the cool-toned wooden handle! As a functional watering can, we're sure the narrow and long spout will give you flexibility and convenience in your watering routines.


Gold Marble Ceramic Watering Can

Gold and marble watering can

Material: Ceramic

Quench your plants' thirst with this handcrafted and sophisticated sprinkler made of ceramic painted with gold marble! This will surely level up your plant watering rituals and will add a chic touch into your living space. This elegant ceramic marble watering can will be loved by enthusiasts of French chic or country decor styles, but we're sure it's perfect wherever! This cute watering can with a circular handle at the top and tapered spout will be great to use for plants in your shelves and floor, and even the ones in hanging planters!


Pink Ceramic Watering Can

Pink ceramic watering can

Material: Ceramic

What's stopping you from giving your plants a refreshing drink using a pretty in pink watering can? None, right? Here's a charming watering vessel in blush with a speckled finish that will be nice to add to any dainty plant corners. Featuring an interesting shape in its body that are also similar to that of sculptural vases, this pink ceramic watering can is an easy option for lovers of details and organic shapes in their home. 


Pastel-Colored Watering Can

Pastel colored watering can

Material: Durable plastic and stainless steel spout

These pastel-colored watering cans are available in creamy white, fresh mint and pretty in pink bringing fun and interesting colors into your living space. These structural sprinklers with cylindrical shape balanced by soft colored hues will be perfect for lovers of geometric lines and shapes in their decor. To add contrast to the soft tones of the body, the long, narrow spout were designed in gray stainless steel. These cute vessels also feature an ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and a long spout for controlled watering.


Glass Plant Mister

Glass plant mister

Material: Glass, plastic

Here's a vintage-retro plant mister with a swirled glass bottle and elegant pump top that looks more like a decor than a watering can! Some plants require humidity, not watering, to thrive and stay healthy. And this will be your best bud (and probably the most stylish!) for just that! A plant mister can help your plant's foliage stay moist without drenching the soil and its roots in water. Spritz with an added spice using this retro glass and gold plant mister!


And that's it for our round-up! We hope we are able to help you turn plant watering into a fun ritual for your plants by taking an artistic approach to watering! đź’¦


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Stylish and cute watering cans 






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