Where to find the best office desks in 2020 - Check out our top 10!

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, choosing the right desk is essential.

However, check out some of the questions below that might help when making a decision about what desk to buy

Some food for thought before picking one:

  • What look do you want to give your office - light, airy, dark, modern, rustic?
  • How much space do you have to fit in a desk?
  • How much room do you need on the desk top for all your equipment?
  • Do you want a sitting down desk, standing or the option of both?
  • What and how much storage do you need?
  • Will your chair fit under it (what height do you require)?

With those thoughts in mind, here are some of our top picks from Amazon covering minimalistic, to rustic, to standing. 


1. Simple, Minimalistic White Oak Desk


This desk is simple, minimalistic and is the ideal size for a computer, mouse and a few other pieces. If you're going for the light and airy look with no fuss, this might be the one for you. Easy to assemble and won't break the bank! 


2. Trestle Table with a Twist


Similar to number one but with a few more storage options. I love the look of this desk, it's simple, minimalistic yet has some storage features to pop your papers or printer on. Made of oak, it's easy to assemble and has great reviews!


3. Open Shelve Office Desk


I was first drawn to this desk because it actually came in a light oak and white colour (you may see a theme here of these light and airy desks but I promise to add more varieties down below). What's great about this desk is that it has ample storage that is easily accessible and comes in a variety of colours (black, oak and walnut) - pending on your colour scheme! 


4.  Foldable Modern Desk

I couldn't leave this desk off our list. They have sold thousands of these with 5 star reviews. What's great about this desk? It's modern, affordable and it can be folded away. It's especially great if you are setting up an office at home and need to pack it away regularly. 


5. Modern Rustic - Brown and Black Sturdy Desk

This is more of a sturdier looking desk in comparison to the ones above. Great for darker toned offices and it has a little hide away shelf under the top of the desk. Great for a minimalistic look as well as hiding away an papers or office supplies you would rather keep hidden. 


6. Rustic - Washington Cherry Finish

American made, this beautiful desk would look great in an office or if you are having to set up your office in a communal area such as your lounge/dining room. Well made, it has wrought iron accents, metal drawer runners & covered drawers to hide all your messy bits. 


7. Corner Desk 

This desk is great for putting your desk in a corner and maximising room or in this case as the photo shows, just as extra shelving. It comes in walnut and espresso and has two grommets for organising cords. With thousands of good reviews, this desk is a sure winner for storage, minimalism and space saving. 


8. Work Station with Adjustable Height 

Not sure whether you want a sitting down desk or a standing up desk? This one is the perfect compromise! Easily adjustable with drawers and open storage for your bits and bobs with extra storage inside the desk top (check out the pictures to see). It comes in two colours, black and oak and does require a bit of assembling. You also may need to check the measurements to see if it would be suited to your height before purchasing.


9. Stand Up Desk Convertor

These convertors are becoming increasingly popular in fact this one in particular. If you already have a desk and don't want to buy a new standing one, then this could be the solution for you. Easily collapsible or adjustable for when you require to sit or stand. These guys come with a 3 year warranty and have rave reviews! 


10. Stand Up Desk With Cubbies 

So we have moved from minimalistic sitting desks all the way to full standing desk. These desks are great if you know for sure that standing is what you would prefer to do...all day. This is non adjustable so be sure to have a think about how much standing you could do. With cute little cubbies to keep all your office accessories organised this maple wood desk is definitely an eye catcher. 


If you're not sure about what type of office you would like to set up then I would suggest creating a board on Pinterest and labelling it "Office." Start looking at pictures on Pinterest and as you see ones you like (it might be a certain desk, or a storage set up, colour scheme or layout) then pin those pictures to a board. As you build up this board you will notice a common theme with certain looks, colours and styles that you like - essentially you're creating a mood board.

Happy Office Building! 

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