Valentine’s Day Quarantine Edition: 8 Ideas For A Romantic Date At Home

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A candlelit dinner with your partner, overlooking the city light, sounds fun for Valentine’s, right? Perhaps, an adventure trip where it’s just the two of you in nature sounds more like you? While it’s great to celebrate the Day of Hearts outdoors, staying indoors is the best for now!

Don’t risk your and your loved ones’ safety by spending your special day outdoors! Even if you’re at home with your partner, there are plenty of things to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. You just have to get creative and enjoy your romantic date in your PJs and slides.

We’ve compiled here eight Valentine’s Day ideas for your romantic date at home.

1. You can’t go wrong with Netflix and chill

Cozy room set-up for a Netflix night

While this may have been suggested over and over again already, it's still the perfect alternative to going out for a fancy dinner or movie. Spending the evening under a cozy blanket with your favorite person can be as romantic and as special when planned correctly. 

Create a playlist of your favorite TV shows and movies. Rewatching a memorable movie like the one you saw on your first date is also great! It takes you back and sets the mood for romance. Remembering and talking about the small details of the film also shows how you care and give attention to your partner!

Set it apart from your weekend Netflix nights by creating a romantic ambiance: pop a bottle of champagne, dim the lights, bring out a chunky blanket, and light up some candles (I'd say keep it cozy by opting for candles with a combination of floral and woodsy notes). If you want to add an extra dash of drama, scatter red rose petals around your space.

2. Prepare breakfast in bed for your partner

Romantic breakfast in bed set-up

A breakfast in bed for a lazy Sunday morning will surely be perfect for those whose partner's love language speaks acts of service. Nothing beats waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, fluffy pancakes, a bouquet of roses and your SO by your side. It's a feast for both the eyes and heart!


The best part? It's easy to prepare! Simply wake up earlier than usual and prepare breakfast in bed! You can even do a quick research and check for recipes online. Going out of your daily routine just to prepare something for your loved one can make them feel special. 


Don’t worry too much about the taste of the meal. You have the most special ingredient, and that’s your true love for each other! Cheesy but true!

3. Dust off your gaming skills together

A couple playing jenga

Remember those silly bets you used to make whenever you played in the arcade? Maybe, you haven’t called deuce with your partner from your last game? Call for a rematch this Valentine’s Day!

From the classic Mario or Sonic to the trendy Call of Duty or Animal Crossing, your video game options are endless. Or if video games aren’t your jam, I bet there’s been a board game you’ve been wanting to try. To make things more exciting, place a bet! It doesn’t have to be money — you can bet on who’s going to wash the dishes for the next week. Sounds about right?

It may not sound romantic for most people, but it’s a fun experience you should try out on your date this Day of Hearts.

4. Have a spa day at home

Cozy indoor spa with a huge circular window

Valentine’s is just perfect to have a spa day at home! Go back to the honeymoon stages of your relationship, and just relax!

Personally, I like to preheat the tub, so we can dip nice and cozy immediately. I also light up some candles and pull some rose petals too — white roses are my absolute favorite! Of course, exfoliators and rejuvenation kits are a must! It’s a special day so make sure everything is perfect for your ultimate date night!

Remember, a spa day at home should be whatever suits your boat!! Make your spa day at home personalized to you and your partner. It’s your special day — you deserve that!

5. Catch up! Start intimate conversations

A woman lying with her head resting on a man's lap

It’s unavoidable to be busy at work and get caught up with the daily grind. This makes Valentine’s Day a perfect time to catch up with each other!

Initiate intimate conversations with your partner. This is best done when not sitting in front of the TV. So make yourself a wee cocktail or switch off the TV for dinner, and start talking about your plans, goals, and future together. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hum-drum of life that sometimes we forget to plan the exciting parts! 

6. Care for an indoor picnic with your loved one?

A couple looking at each other with cozy candles around them

Mid-February isn’t the best place to hold a picnic out on the porch — unless you want to freeze to death! But, why have a picnic outdoors when you can have it indoors?

Prepare some picnic staples like wine and cheese, and enjoy a lovely time with your special someone. For the perfect winter weather, burn some firewood on the fireplace! Cuddle up in your favorite blanket with your partner!

We bet you’ll never look at an indoor picnic as boring ever again after having some fun without the bugs and the itchy grass!

7. Have your dinner date delivered to you!

Cozy tablescape with woven placemats and take-out boxes on the side

Cooking not your forte? Or, are you working on Valentine’s Day and don’t have time to cook? No worries! You don’t have to rush preparing your romantic dinner. Simply have it delivered right at your doorsteps so you both can relax!

After all, your romantic dinner date doesn’t have to be labor-intensive! With just a few simple clicks, you can have your favorite cuisines delivered to you. While waiting for the food to arrive, you can prepare some candlelights, put on some music, and set the table. 

8. Cook your partner’s favorite food

A man and a woman preparing and cooking food

Got plenty of time in your hands? Try cooking your partner’s favorite food! Of course, it’s an advantage if your meals are their favorite, but there are always workarounds. We accept no excuses this Valentine’s.

Maybe try some home cooking using their mom’s recipe! It may not replicate exactly the taste of home — but it’s the thought that counts. Your special someone will surely appreciate how you went the extra mile just to make them happy for Heart’s Day.

And remember, the little things matter too! If you're going for a surprise meal date, add a few extra touches to your table setting like floral centerpieces, copper or rose gold candlesticks, loose linen tablecloths, gold flatware and woven placemats. This surely makes for a warmer and fresher backdrop versus last holiday's festive Christmas table.


 xo, Gem


Stay-at-home date ideas for Valentine's Day

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