How To Set-up Your Wedding Table: Tips & Guides for Wedding Decor

Wedding planning is a taxing task for couples. Nonetheless, there’s still a fun catch to this tough job–choosing your wedding decorations!

Once you have decided on how you want to set the tone and ambiance for your wedding, the fun part comes – hunting for aesthetic and quirky additions for your wedding decor. One way to amplify your wedding reception is by setting up your wedding table decor.

This is also a useful guide, especially for brides who are DIY-ing their wedding!

In this article, we’ve included all the ways to decorate your wedding table (you can also use this guide for your bridal shower tablesetting!). Make sure to read until the end because we’ve also included the basic table etiquettes as a refresher.

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Wedding Table Decor Tips and Guides 

1. When choosing dinnerware, make sure that the color can be easily matched with your chosen wedding color scheme. Since dinnerwares and flatwares are a considerable part of table setting, it’s best to pick out something aesthetic and functional.

While white is your safest bet, going for lightly colored plates is also a good choice, and this elevates the usual and straightforward white platters during mealtime.

Another way to amplify your dinnerware is by going with quirky features. Some unique ideas are plates with ruffled rims or edges covered in gold, or you can also go for patterned dishes! 

Wedding Tablescape


2. Pick a striking placemat for your table setting. And when we say striking, it doesn’t have to be bold in color or detail. Our Handwoven Seagrass Placemat is dependable for this job! Its stunning natural textures and special woven patterns are enough to make your wedding table stand out. 

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3. It’s best to fit your centerpieces with your wedding theme, and this will make your overall wedding look more coherent. There are lots of unique items that can be used as your centerpieces, such as fresh floral arrangements, antique candle holders, hanging lights and greeneries, and ceramic vases, to name a few. 

Just be sure that these centerpieces are aligned with your wedding theme. To help you with that, here’s a quick list of some of the popular wedding themes and the typical decor associated with them: 

  • Bohemian: dried pampas, colorful gems, macrame, handwoven rattan
  • Romantic: vases filled with pastel-colored flowers, candles, soft linens 
  • Rustic: fairy lights, wooden lanterns, fresh produce 

Another important tip is to make sure that the height of your centerpieces won’t be a bother for your guests.

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4. When selecting decor for centerpieces, it’s best to stick to 3-4 decor elements to keep your style all tied up in one place. It’s easy to go overboard with a wide array of embellishments, so we recommend sticking with only a few elements that you can replicate for the following arrangements. 

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5. Candles are a great wedding table decor! They help in setting up the mood and atmosphere of your event.

But keep in mind the type of candles you’ll be using. It’s suggested that you choose a light-scented candle or a candle that has no scent at all. While scented candles are all the craze right now, the candles shouldn’t interfere with the food and its aroma in a place setting. 

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6. Choose neutral-colored linens with an interesting texture. Since these linens will be the base of your table setting, it’s best to pick a color that will suit any of the decors you’ll be placing later on. But to avoid being too plain, textured linens can help.

You can also incorporate patterned linen if you’re more on the daring side. Mixing and matching decor elements aren’t so bad sometimes!
As for your tablecloths and napkins, it’s best to go with neutral-colored clothes, but if you want a pop of vibrancy on the table, you can opt for a soft-hued option. 

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7. Another great addition to a wedding table decor is the wedding stationery such as name cards, table numbers, and menu cards. Again, it’s best that this set of stationery complements the whole atmosphere of your wedding.

But your stationery doesn’t have to be in crisp paper at all! You can use reusable chalkboards for writing your guest's names, table numbers, and menu. 

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8. Your wedding favors can also act as your wedding table decor. You can incorporate these favors to your table especially if they’re small trinkets. They’re a delight to look at, and your guests will be easily reminded to take them home! 

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9. Don’t overfill your whole table! With all these wedding decor and embellishments, it’s still good to keep in mind that your table should serve its primary purpose.

Your first main goal when place setting should be function–your guests should be able to eat comfortably at their tables. And then, once that’s fulfilled, the aesthetic follows. 

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10. And lastly, have fun! Decorating is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, so take advantage of this!

Now that we’ve laid our wedding table decor tips and guides let’s brush up on our basic table setting. 

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Now that we’ve laid our wedding table decor tips and guides let’s brush up on our basic table setting. 


Here are a few things you need to remember when setting up a table: 

  • Spoon and knife are placed on the right side of the plate, and the forks are placed on the left side. 
  • The silverware should be placed according to the order of use: from the outside in. 
  • Place the knife with its blade facing the plate. 
  • The glassware is placed at the upper right corner of the plate. 


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If you’re looking for a more thorough table setting guide, we’ve created a comprehensive table setting guide for beginners. We’ve also made an easy step-by-step table setting guide for every occasion to help you further! This includes the guide for basic, casual, and formal table settings. 


And that’s it for our wedding table decor tips and guides! We hope that this article helped you in making your wedding planning more special and personal. 


Do you have other tips for choosing wedding table decors? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section! 


Wedding Tablescape
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