How To Achieve the Perfect Boho Look for Your Room

If you are into decorating and arranging your space every now and then, sticking with a specific interior style can be a bit of a nuisance. However, there is one interior style that never goes out of trend and lets you stylize and decorate your home without going into full commitment—the bohemian or boho style!


What is Boho Decor?

Boho Decor 101

The bohemian style is defined as free & casual, unconventional, and eclectic. A boho-styled space has diverse decors, textures, and patterns that create an extraordinarily beautiful and unique space.

Since it doesn’t follow any specific rules, you can incorporate different types of decor and items that spark joy for you. It also lets you freely mix and match pieces of furniture without the worry of going out of style.

In order to effortlessly achieve this look for your home, taking note of its core elements is important, such as the color theme. Boho style uses earthy and lush color palettes complemented with bright and cheerful hues.

Varying textures and materials for the boho decor are also taken into consideration when creating a boho inspired home. When planning for your room, you can choose whether you want it muted or flamboyant boho.

Nevertheless, this handy guide in choosing the right boho decor and furniture is helpful when you kick off your journey in creating a beautiful boho inspired living space.

Boho Decors and Furniture 101

Rattan decor and furniture 

Boho Decor 101

Anything with wooden textures and light colors are great boho decors for your space. To start off, anything made with rattan—could be a headboard, lighting accessories, planters, sofa, or bed—is a great statement for any boho interiors.

Rattan is a versatile material as it can be used for any home essentials. If you want to keep it subtle with rattan, start with small boho decor like placemats, planters, picture frames, and pendant lights.

On the other hand, you can make rattan furniture one of the highlights of your room by going for a larger piece of furniture like bed frames, arm chairs, or coffee tables. To avoid going overboard, vary the weave styles for each piece. Rattan decor and furniture will surely give your space a light and fresh first impression.



Boho Decor 101

In a boho-styled room, rugs with different patterns and fringes are mostly used. Shag rugs are popular in this style, too. Boho shag rugs help create an inviting atmosphere in any room.

When looking for the perfect rug for your bohemian space, consider getting a textured pattern with splashing bright hues. Animal printed rugs are also a great choice, and those with fringes or tassels on the edge can add another facet to your space. You can also layer a small bright and fun rug over a much larger and neutral rug. If you want to showcase wanderlust, getting rugs with patterns related to different cultures and places is a top notch idea for a boho oasis.

For a cozier set-up, supplement the rugs with large floor pillows or boho pillows! A boho space will make you want to feel welcome and comfortable, and the rugs plus floor pillows combo is indeed a good choice to achieve that.


Boho Decor 101: Adding Plants

Plants are a great addition to any room. They don’t just give fresh air, but give space a different look in every way. Choosing what type of plants to place inside your boho style room shouldn’t be hard, but they surely matter in creating the ambiance of your boho haven.

If your style is leaning towards a lush and tropical feel, going for plants with big & dark green leaves is ideal—think of getting elephant ear leaves for full lushness. If you simply want to add greens in subtlety, you might want to take succulents and some hanging plants into your home. For a more versatile plant, snake plant, pothos, and monstera are popular for plant lovers. They are a great match for any interior style, and most especially to bohemian style!

Whichever type of plants you choose for your room, you can try switching up their places and location by putting them in empty corners, suspending them in the ceiling, adding small ones to shelves and tables, elevating them in a plant stand or accessorizing with a cotton basket.


Vintage furniture 

Boho Decor 101

There is something about vintage furniture that gives off unique charm and story. These one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture are often thrifted & up-cycled and their age definitely adds to their beauty. Similarly, vintage furniture is the beauty of a boho-style interior. This boho staple furniture can be the focal point of your space, and there are ways you can elevate this: by layering velvety and textured throw pillows imprinted with different patterns of bright jewel colors. 

In case you don’t have time scouring thrift stores, going for vintage inspired furniture is an alternative way. Here are the key points to consider when looking for a vintage look: leather, tufted, or low-leveled, or wooden framed.


Boho Decor 101

Eclectic is your keyword for getting boho decors for your room. Each bohemian style room is distinctive on its own, but there are features that are present in any boho interiors. Macrame items, woven baskets & storage, tapestries, lamps & candles, throws, blankets, and unique artworks complete the bohemian atmosphere. You can accentuate your bohemian room by choosing one type of decor with various textures & styles, or by going all the way—there’s no rule stopping you! Anything that fits your taste is perfect for a bohemian look.

When looking for unique pieces, buying from an artisan shop that features timeless, high quality, and inexpensive homewares should be your choice. Not only do they give value for your homes, but for your pennies as well!

Achieve Your Bohemian Dreams

With all that guide in mind, you can start creating your boho haven. Just take note of these few points to flawlessly achieve your bohemian dreams:

  • go for earthy and neutral color palettes to easily accentuate other elements in your room, and this also helps in creating light and airy space;
  • rugs & large pillows sparks a welcoming and comforting room;
  • plants are healthy boho decor addition to any space; and
  • no hard rules in perfecting your boho style interior!


Boho Decor 101

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