6 Easy Ways To Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall Decor

Fall home decor tips

While most of you are still enjoying summer, some might already be waiting for the next season and can't wait for the all-time high temperatures to end. Whether you're one of the former or the latter, it might be a great idea to already start planning for your fall home decor, or at least the early transitions. Never too early to do that, right?

Whenever I think about seasonal decor transitions, I always think about small transitions instead of big overwhelming changes. For the Autumn season, picture elements like cozy textures, neutral palettes, rustic accents that exude a feeling of comfort and warmth. There is no need to go overboard on the decorations if that is not your style, just some minor seasonal refresh so that come changing of leaves, everything still looks cohesive and reflects the warmth of the outdoors.

So in anticipation of the season of warm hues and cozy indoors that is Fall, we've rounded up the most basic tips you'll ever need to know to re-define your home and create the feeling of Fall.

Store away summer decor or other seasonal items

Fall home decor tips

First things first, stash away all decor elements in your home that have a distinct summer or spring feel to it. If you're already used to freshening up your space seasonally, then you probably have to just look out for those decorative accents you added for the Summer and keep them away for now.

Don't forget that as seasons change, you can always do seasonal cleans so that you can avoid piling up things in your storage room. Keep away items you believe you can still use for the next Summer, and separate the ones that you can donate. It's always nice to start seasonal decor transitions with seasonal decluttering!

Add warmth to your color palette

Fall home decor tips

We all know that every season brings in a different experience—a distinct look and vibe to it which makes decorating indoors even more fun. Seasonal home updates are all about adding elements that resemble what we see outside in every season. The easiest way to do this is to incorporate the color palettes each season brings into your styling.

For the Fall season, look to the deep, warm hues of the leaves as inspiration—can be shades of reds, oranges, browns, yellows. These hues help create a warm and inviting indoor space that's perfect for the cozy season. You can opt to incorporate these colors in your textiles, decor accents, and wall arts. 

Layer in cozy textiles

Fall home decor tips

Another great and easy way to transform a room while bringing in that cozy feel and fall vibes is by layering different textured pillows, throws, and rugs in warm hues. No need to look for patterns that 'scream' autumn if that is not your style, you can choose to go with stripes, plaids, organic prints, or even ones with warm solid colors but textured surfaces. Look for rich textures like faux fur, knit, velvet, and flannel.

In terms of textile materials, switch your lighter-weight fabrics with heavier, textural materials since you'll want to add a sense of warmth as the weather gets crispier. Add extra pillows or throws to up the coziness and welcoming feel of your space.

Check this pillow styling guide so you'll be equipped with how to mix and match pillows like a pro no matter what the season is.

Add functional pieces for extra storage

Fall home decor tips

It's always good to start fresh and clean before redecorating any space. If you haven't done a seasonal clean yet, check out this Free Seasonal Cleaning Resource with tips, printable cleaning checklists and cleaning recipes to help you make seasonal cleaning a lot easier and manageable. As you are doing your seasonal clean, you might want to re-think the function of your space because as seasons change, some activities within the house change too. 

One way to look at this is by checking storage solutions within your home, so you can maintain the cleanliness and order in your space. Having a clutter-free space is essential if you're looking to have that cozy and inviting vibe that we associate with Fall. You can add style-drive storage solutions like decorative baskets, trays, boxes, etc. throughout your home to corral different things.

Add ambiance with candles and lighting

Fall home decoration tips

The best way to create that cozy indoor Fall vibe? Add moody lights and rich warms scents!

While summer is all about letting in more natural light as the sun shines brightly, Fall is about cozier, warmer lighting. Consider 'layering' your lighting with sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, etc. so it won't be just one bright light which can make a space feel a little flat. Candles create a wonderful fall glow too!

You can also ignite the senses by adding candles in your living room, bedroom, workspace, and anywhere you like! You can choose natural candles or electric candles—both are really great go-to options to set the mood of any space. Since Fall is just coming in, you can start with subtle scents that have a musky undertone, and then as we get further into the season, you can choose to bring in more traditional scents like pumpkin and cinnamon. If you're not a fan of candles, you can try incense, sprays, essential oils, and diffusers. 

Finish with decor details

Fall home decoration tips

To help you with creating the cozy mood and warm color palette of the season without having to do and spend much, you can choose to build upon what you currently have in your home and just add a few new decor pieces. Adding new details and objects can make an impact and bring new life to the look and feel of your home.

To capture the spirit of Fall, bring in items with warm wood accents, mixed metals, pottery-type pieces, woven elements, vintage-inspired pieces, textured ceramics. Some more nature-inspired ideas are decorative branches, moss, seasonal fruits like apples and pears, dried flowers, pampas grass, wheat, bleached eucalyptus, neutral color gourds, etc. If you're in need of more Fall Decor Ideas, check out Amy Latta's 2021 Fall Decor Trend Guide. 



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Fall home decor tips

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