7 Houseplants To Decorate For Christmas Holidays

Best Christmas Houseplant DecorThe holidays are just around the corner. It is such an exciting time of gift-giving, yummy seasonal food, seasonal decorating, cheerful music, and more! This is when you'll see houses decked with green and red ornaments, sparkling lights around the house, and stunning Christmas trees and front door wreaths!

If you are already planning your Christmas decorations, we got an easy tip for you! Why not introduce colors in your home by adding some houseplants that can bring colors to your space? This offers a touch of natural decor while bringing in festive holiday vibes! Plus, many indoor plants are easy on the eyes year-round, so you can keep them even after Christmas!

Here are some beautiful indoor plants to add zest and holiday glamour to your house in no time:


Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera)

Best Christmas Houseplant Decor

Christmas cactus is a beloved holiday houseplant that shows off its colorful blooms in December‚ÄĒit comes in red, orange, white, pink, salmon, fuchsia, yellow. It's perfect for whatever your holiday color palette is!¬†

With the right care, maintenance, and lighting, you can expect blooms every year in time for the holidays (December) or maybe even another round during March or May! They usually like a sunny-east or west-facing window.

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Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla)

Best Christmas Houseplant Decor

Want a different and unique stand-in for your Christmas tree? You can definitely go for this conifer, especially if space is a problem for you and don't have enough room for a full-size Christmas tree. You can decorate the boughs with tiny Christmas ornaments, lights, bows tinsel, balls, etc for a festive look, some even spray it with gold glitters for that extra glam holiday look. They are perfect as Christmas decor for tabletops to add a natural and fresh element to your space.

As a tropical, it's not a hard plant to take care of. Just give them lots of light, plenty of moisture, and they'll be happy all year long.

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Christmas rose (Helleborus niger)

Best Christmas Houseplant Decor

Another plant darling that is really popular during holidays is the Helleborous niger, more commonly known as the Christmas rose. Although this isn't a true rose, it sure is as pretty as one! They come in many other lovely colors too like dusty blue, red, pink, white, and even a moody dark purple that looks a bit black!

It's not as easy to take care of like your usual indoor plants, but its beautiful flowers are definitely worth the hard work! They prefer cooler spot in the home and partial shade. Be careful not to overwater too, but don't let the soil completely dry out. Keep them happy and it'll give you pretty blooms from November to February!

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Red Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema commutatum)

Best Christmas Houseplant Decor

The Chinese evergreen is a favorite among beginner and expert plant parents due to its low maintenance care and beautiful foliage. But have you seen the Red Chinese evergreen? It sure gives a pop of holiday color with its striking red and green leaves. Red aglaonema can be a great alternative to your poinsettias or maybe a combo pair with your other Christmas plants!

Like the more common green Chinese evergreen, this variety also prefers the same watering routine‚ÄĒyou can go weeks before watering or when the soil has dried out. Although it will be alright in lower light conditions, it'll be better to place it in bright, indirect lighting as more light can help keep their red foliage more vibrant!

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Peace lily (Spathiphyllum)

Best Christmas Houseplant Decor

If you prefer a minimalist holiday decor or a White Christmas-Winter Wonderland decor theme, then the Peace Lily is the perfect plant for you! The beautiful green foliage and pure white flower will perfectly match your neutral holiday cozy winter decor!

Peace lilies are a favorite among newbie plant parent too because they're easy to grow, tolerates low light condition, and doesn't need frequent watering. If it's thirsty, it will tell you so as you will see their leaves drooping slightly. 

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English ivy (Hedera helix)

Best Christmas Houseplant Decor

Another great plant if you prefer simple, natural and neutral Christmas decor is the English Ivy‚ÄĒit's also a traditional Christmas plant! Choose the one with white edges on its leaves, add some fairy light and your holiday plant decor is good to go! To add texture to your space, you can put it in a¬†basket¬†use a knotted macrame to hang it and show of its beautiful trail.

And don't worry about growing it because as long as you keep the soil on the drier side, keep it in a spot with low to medium indirect light, it can survive and bring you years of growth!

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Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus)

Best Christmas Houseplant Decor

If you're looking for a practical option, then Rosemary is the best! This herb has a lot to offer‚ÄĒit's long been associated with delicious holiday roasts or feasts and the smell also gives that festive holiday cheer! You can decorate your tablescape with indoor rosemary too or as small decorations by tying a simple ribbon to make it look like a miniature Christmas tree!

During the winter, and before the first frost, be sure to bring your rosemary inside to keep them happy. Keep them in a warm, sunny windowsill and water when the soil is dry.

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7 Best Houseplant for Christmas

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