Scandinavian Interior: Timeless Features for Every Home

An interior design that is simple and minimal, yet full of interesting finds—the popular Scandinavian Design. While this may seem so easy to achieve, reading through this guide can foolproof your journey on making your own Nordic-inspired home.

 A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

Scandinavian design originated from the countries of northern Europe and it began popularizing in the early 20th century. Scandi or Nordic, as also commonly known to its fans, are heavily influenced by the cold climate in the Nordic region and the yearning for the warmth of summer. This is why most Scandinavian interiors are often in white, blues, and gray palettes accentuated with warm tones of furniture and decor.

Scandinavian design is minimal, clean, and functional—a straightforward type of style that is surely loved by many. Its simplicity is timeless, and pulling off this Scandi design for your humble abode should be a no-fuss experience! Let’s take a closer look at the features that create a beautifully curated Nordic home.

Minimalist Design

A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

Scandinavian households are minimalistic. There are no overly decorative elements in sight when you step foot inside a Nordic room. With that being said, sacrificing decor still shouldn’t be a worry when planning your Scandinavian-inspired home. You can still add Scandinavian decor into your space without going overboard. A geometric artwork makes a Scandi room more interesting as well as simple ceramic vases. Adding a small amount of greenery works wonders as a Nordic decor because it brings organic shapes and different shades of verdant lush.

Clutter-free Environment

A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

Neat and clean—that’s how we describe any Scandinavian-inspired home. Being visually uncluttered is one of its main features to stay true to its core of minimalism. Scandi decors are often straight and crisp, giving the space a sleek atmosphere. When applying Scandinavian design to your home, make sure your space is less cluttered and aim for light and airy ambience. 

Neutral Color Palette

A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

The popular palettes for Nordic-style homes are often in whites, grays, and blues though this doesn’t mean a pop of color isn’t allowed! While the whites and grays help in making the room look minimal and full of space, a source (or two!) of rich radiant hue creates a more lively and welcoming feel to your room. To achieve the minimal color palette for your Scandinavian-designed space, you can go for analogous or monochromatic color schemes. Take this for example: walls painted with muted gray or white and red-brown color scheme in your pieces of furniture.

Natural Finish

A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

Incorporating natural finishes is another great point to remember when creating your Scandinavian home. Wood textures are one of the best materials used to complement a Nordic home. Most designers apply warm woods to keep the light finish of walls from oversaturating. The playful textures and patterns of wood also bring an interesting point to any space. Natural finish can be applied to any facet of the Scandi interior: floorings, furniture, or accent pieces.

Contrast is Key

A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

Opposing elements are very common in Scandinavian interiors. This can be easily observed in colors, but it shouldn’t be limited to that aspect. This brings a captivating scene to any room. Contrast can be applied to other elements in the space, too. Hard-edged furniture paired with soft and plushy textiles is one example. Moreover, contrast can be found in forms, texture, and other decorative elements.

Comfy and Cozy Textiles

A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

Layering various textiles helps achieve the “hygge”, a Danish and Norwegian word for feeling of coziness and comfort. Thick and plush throws, soft blankets, fluffy pillows, sets of candles, and things that make you feel serene set the mood of the space to hygge.

Different types of textiles such as wool, mohair, and linen are rich in textures and overall appearance, but not only that—it’s an easy way to bring in hygge and nature inside your Scandinavian home.

Uncomplicated Patterns

A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

Patterns are not so much present in a Scandi interior, especially those with very detailed fashion. Still and all, patterns eliminate dullness in a space. You can still introduce simple patterns to your Nordic haven by considering these: straight lines, geometrics, chevrons, and easy on the eyes knit patterns.

Functionality All The Way

A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

Since Nordic spaces are very minimal in furnishing, it easily makes sense that most of the pieces of furniture and decor serve different functions. Multifunction furniture, and even decor, are common in Scandinavian-inspired homes. How can you make this present in your space? A coffee table that can be used as hidden storage, wall shelves with beautiful clean lines that serve as a focal point in a room, and a lighting fixture that serves as a striking statement are some of the ways to show a multifunctional Scandinavian interior space. 

Statement Lighting

A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

Scandinavians are fond of using natural lighting for their homes. However, they opt for statement lighting fixtures for their artificial light sources. This is to stay in line with minimalistic visuals. Pendant and lantern-like lighting are among the favorites for statement lighting. Placing modern and stylish lighting fixtures can serve as Scandi decor to your room, and without a doubt adds more brilliance to the space.

Bring in Mid-Century Modern Furniture

A Complete Guide for Nordic-Inspired Home

Although Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern were born in the same era, these styles are distinctive from one another. Nonetheless, there’s no reason not to incorporate mid-century modern pieces into your home as this style complements the cozy & simple Scandi space. This can make or break your Nordic theme though, so make sure to stick with muted color palettes for your choice of furniture. 

Now you might think how to easily pull off the Danish way of sprucing up your space. Well, you don’t necessarily have to immediately splurge your money into buying Scandinavian decor and furniture. Starting small with minimalism and getting rid of things that add up to visual clutter are a good start. It’s also best to invest in quality and timeless Scandi decor and furniture so you can save more in the long run. Consider the items you add into your home—are they a source of hygge? Well, they should be. Because at the end of the day your Scandi inspired home should be your cozy and comfy retreat from everyday hustle.


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