Top 10 Home Interior Design Trends To Watch Out For This 2021

2021 home interior trends

2021 is expected to bring a mix of new and old flavors for home interior design! The styles that we’re used to seeing in the past years may be out for good. Some new fun designs may emerge, while others may even have a comeback! Home interior design is a very dynamic market, so it’s all the more fun and exciting to see the trends whenever the new year comes.

This year, the trend is likely to lean towards a combination of comfort and functionality — and this isn’t surprising at all! This is considering how most of us want a functional work-from-home setup in our comfort zones. On the other hand, the minimalist trend may die down a bit to favor embellished designs with intricate patterns and funky colors. 

Cheers to a more colorful and stylish new year! Here are the top 10 home interior design trends to watch out for this 2021.

1. Yellow and gray walls are the talk of the town

Adding Pantone yellow and gray to home furniture and decor - 2021 interior trends

Pantone hailed Illuminating Yellow, a bright shade of yellow, and Ultimate Yellow, a pale — an almost gray shade of yellow, as colors of the year. To stay up-to-date with the trends, the walls of most homes may just become repainted with these colors. However, if you're not into painting the walls yellow or gray, you can also incorporate them to your decor and furniture.

The best part is, both colors complement well with each other! Shades of yellow and gray create a very lax atmosphere, perfect for people working from home.

2. Industrial interior design may take off this year

Industrial home decor (2021 home decor trend)

Industrial interior design is increasing in popularity over the years, but it may finally take off this 2021! This design is known for its rustic touch where support columns, metals, and concrete are exposed. As they look almost like a blank canvass, it’s a perfect pair for earthy and warm tones.

This style is taking the interior design industry by storm because it looks stylish without too much effort. It's a testimony of how keeping it bare can be the best and aesthetic choice sometimes.

3. Chartreuse kitchen cabinetries are in!

Chartreuse kitchen cabinetries with white kitchen marble countertop (2021 decor trend)

Source: Nar Design Group

First off, chartreuse is a pale shade of green! It may seem like an outcast in the kitchen, but it actually blends well. While most homeowners may choose a neutral color like black, gray, or white in their cabinetries, this year may be the best time to pop your kitchen with colors!

These chartreuse cabinetries are best partnered with white kitchen countertops and square white tiles as backsplashes! This turns the kitchen into a cooler, cozier, and more functional space to work on.

4. Rustic tiles are making a comeback

Modern rustic bathroom with intricate tiles (2021 home decor trend)

Remember those intricate-designed tiles in your ancestral homes? They may finally have a comeback this 2021! The past year has shown that people are willing to embrace embellishments in their houses. The all-white minimalist tiles may be clean-looking, but if you’re new to styling your kitchen you may want to incorporate some coloured tiles paired with neutral tones, such as a marble white benchtop”


Rustic tiles spice up the flavor of your home. So this year, expect to see them everywhere from toilets, outdoor decks, to private rooms! They’re also perfect as a stove or a sink backsplash compared to all-white tiles that can display any hint of stains easily.

5. Wood and wood-like decorations everywhere

Wooden lampshade, and cabinet with plants (2021 home interior trend)

Wood and wood-like decorations have been a trend even in the past few years and it looks like they’re not going to die anytime soon. It’s still expected to be found in most homes this year. It makes a great accent as it can easily complement the space no matter what color, design, or motifs you want for your house. 

Wicker and rattan wood are predicted to be even more popular this year. Aside from being used as decorations, the materials may also be used for basic furniture pieces like doors, dividers, tables, and chairs. You can check out some of Alfie & Gem’s wood stands and seagrass placemats which pair nicely with this style. 

If you're looking for some bedroom inspo using rattan and wood, the
Brain and Brawn have a blog about making their own bed (who would have thought!)

6. Towards more sustainable bidets

Bathroom bidet (2021 bathroom decor trends)

Believe it or not, you’ll see more and more bidets in toilets this 2021! When the pandemic started, toilet paper has skyrocketed in prices and is almost always out of stock on the shelves. This is a big turning point to bidets’ rise in popularity in households.

This year, it’s fame is expected to grow even more as people become more conscious of the environment. Having a bidet at home isn't only trendy, but it can also decreases toilet paper usage which is a win win!

7. Home office now as a primary feature

Bright home office workspace (2021 home decor trend)

Hiding your home office is so 2020! This year, home offices will become a primary feature for houses. As more people still work and attend their online classes from home, it’s now considered as a part of the household rather than a temporary feature that you need to tuck away after you’re done.

Luckily, interior designers are now launching new products specially designed for remote work and learning. Say bye to back pain and eye strain with ergonomic items to pair with your setup. After all, why choose between functionality for aesthetics when you can have both, right?

8. Maximalism may become the new king

Maximalist living room (2021 home decor trend)

The complete opposite of minimalism, maximalism is an interior design that utilizes all the possible spaces in your house — be it in the kitchen, bedroom, or entertainment area. The design’s rise to fame means that plain and basic single-colored walls, furniture pieces, and decorations may have to bid goodbye this year. 

It’s important to clarify that maximalism doesn’t equate to more clutter. You can still achieve this style with ample living space for the household. The main purpose of this design is to add personal touches to your house — or making your space you!

9. Grandmillennial style for a mix of old and new

Grandmillenial home decor trend for 2021

Ever heard of the grandmillennial style? It’s taking inspiration from famous designs during our grandma’s early days — usually from the ‘50s and ‘60s — and mixing it up with the trendy millennial style. It’s a revival of wallpapers, prints, and floral designs that decorated every house from those eras.

The grandmillennial style is taking the vintage and the-shabby-yet-cool look to the next level. Once the design is achieved, this can bring nostalgia and homey vibes to your house, while still keeping it trendy and fun at the same time.

10. Bringing the outside indoors

Indoor gardening 2021 home decor trend

A bit confused about what it means to bring the outside indoors? This simply means bridging the gap between outdoor and indoor living. Eco-friendly and sustainable are still popular names when it comes to home interior design this 2021. This makes indoor plants like succulents, ferns, and palms trendier than ever!

Mid-century plant boxes are best paired with these indoor plants! They’re stylish and easy to match no matter the color of the wall or prints of the tiles. They exude a classic aura that won’t go out of style anytime soon! 

Check out some of our most aesthetic mid-century plant baskets at Alfie & Gem right now! Create beautiful spaces at home that simply stand out. Check out our quality and affordable pieces, and buy one today!


xo, Gem

 2021 Home Interior Design Trends

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