Top 10 Office Plants you won't kill

Office spaces don’t need to be boring, far from it!

Home office with plants

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Your office is often a place you spend hours in each day, so why not spend some time creating a space that makes you feel good! 

Adding plants to your work space can provide a sense of calm, peacefulness and tranquility. Studies show that plants in fact increase productivity and they have wider health benefits such as removing toxins from the air 🙌 Now I'm all for that!

However, if you’re no green finger then adding plants to your space could be completely out of your comfort zone. No-one wants to be seen as “that person” who’s surrounded by dead brown leaves or finding yourself hiding dead plants in the trash and replacing them with new ones before anyone realises (yes...I’ve been that person before).

Choosing office plants that require minimal fuss is key. We don't want to be spending hours each week watering and pruning our leaves - we've got work to do! And heading off to your local plant shop and randomly picking one may not work in your favour, so I’ve put together a list of our top 10 plants that are great for your office space.

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone you read this, it can be our lil secret! You'll be the office plant guru in no time! 


Please note all opinions and recommendations are of my own. This post does contains affiliate links of where you can buy the plants I have described in the blog. If you click a link and purchase something that has been recommended, it won't cost you any extra money, however it will help support the running of this website 😊


1. Aloe Vera (Ah-Lo a Lo)

Aloe Vera Plant, Indoor and Office Plants

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Well known for its healing abilities, this sturdy plant friend is definitely a winner if you're not used to regularly watering plants. They require lots of sunlight but little attention as they only need to be watered every few weeks...if that - Winner! The Aloe Vera plant is a little different to your average plant in that you will need to add sand or succulent mix to the pot and make sure it has drainage holes.


2. Spider Plant

 Photo credit - Garden Lovers Club

Named the spider plant because of its spider-like features which dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web. This plant is not only adaptable to various conditions but is also well known for improving indoor air quality by filtering out harmful toxins. Particularly known for removing formaldehyde (a cancer causing toxin), which is found in common household products. This lil guy is perfect to have close to you as you work or in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom where formaldehyde is more present. 


3. ZZ Plant

ZZ plant 

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Low to bright sunlight this plant is a crowd pleaser in the office and on social platforms like Instagram. What makes it such a favourite? Apart from how stylish they look ZZ plants are also known for their air purifying abilities such as removing nasty toxins in the air. However, simultaneously, they have also been known to be poisonous which is correct but only if you sit there nibbling on your plants leaves during your 3pm cravings & rubbing your eyes with leaf juice, so don't ingest it and keep them away from children & pets and you’ll be fine!


4. Snake Plant (aka Mother-In-Law's Tongue)

Snake Plant, Mother In Laws Tongue, Indoor and Office Plant

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A slow grower, which does not require pruning, these adaptable plants are the perfect office addition. Another air purifier, these plants are hardy - preferring well lit areas and do not need to be watered regularly. If you don't have a lot of sunlight in your office, don't worry, these plants have also been known to adapt to low lit areas too. Another crowed pleaser on the gram, these plants have become an office staple. 


5. Peace Lily

Mid Century Acacia Plant Stand with Jute Rope Woven Plant Basket and Lily Plant

Photo Credit - Alfie & Gem (Click here for similar Lily Plants)

This was my first house plant and thankfully it stuck around. I had neglected it so many times that I think if I had chosen a more delicate plant I may have been put off plants for life. These plants have a lush thick look to them and grow beautiful flowers with a white hooded leaf. Only requiring medium to low light these plants are definitely not needy! 

😊If you like the basket &/or the Mid Century Plant stand featured in the picture above, you can also grab them here on our website - Stand & Basket


6. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

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Also known as money plant or lucky plant, who wouldn’t want these at their fingertips? Part of the succulent family these plants do not need to be overly watered. Check when the soil is dry and make sure the pot has drainage holes. Like a lot of succulents, the Jade plant thrives in the sunshine so if you’re lucky enough to have a window view, this could be your lucky gem! 


7. Pothos

Pothos hanging plant

These are perfect if you have a high shelf or would like to have some plants in a hanging planter. They have heart shaped leaves and although they like sunlight, they do not need to be in direct sunlight making them the perfect office buddy. I can assure you they are tough to kill, I have neglected mine for weeks whilst on holiday and yet it still lives on! Shop here to find similar Pothos plant.


8. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

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With it’s large, deep green leaves this is one good looking plant! Maybe not your typical desk plant, as it is on the larger side but nonetheless a great one to have in a basket next to your desk. These plants love sunlight but indirectly and intermittent watering which again makes it the perfect office plant. The bigger the pot, the bigger it will grow so that’s something to keep in mind

You can check out our plant baskets here. 

9. Cacti

Cacti, indoor, office and home plant

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There are many types of Cacti plants to choose from, all of which have their own unique style. I personally love the look of this one as it's nostalgic for me. This is how I used to remember cartoons showing them on TV when I was a kid. They're great as they don't sprout all over the place and are perfect for windowsills or ledges. Although they thrive in hot, dry climates they will also survive in your office oasis! Needing to be watered only sparingly, they will require good drainage as do most succulents.


10. Chinese Evergreen 

Chinese Evergreen, Indoor and office plant

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With it's two toned leaves, this plant is definitely an eye catcher. Tolerating poor light, dry air and drought this is perfect for the plant novice. A smallish plant which is great for desks is slow growing but will most likely be suited to the ground after it has matured. There are different types of Chinese Evergreens from which you will see that variations have different coloured leaves. This one in particular is the Red Chinese Evergreen. 


What are you waiting for? all you need to do is think about how much space you have on your desk, shelf, windowsill, floor and ceiling (for your hanging plants). With this in mind and the tips above, you'll have your little oasis thriving in no time! If you're a little worried about jumping too far in the deep end, start with one of the ten plants above and like a plant...grow from there :)


Pro Tip: When to water your plants? Each plant can be different so first off I would suggest maybe googling your plant and just double checking what good ol Google recommends. But a good rule of thumb is to stick your finger into the soil, 2 cm deep and if the soil is dry, that’s the time to water. Some people like to have a water schedule, however just be careful that you’re not over watering them by keeping to this. 


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