Easy Watering Hack For Indoor Plants: Using Self-Watering Planters

The Best Self-Watering Pots of 2021

Watering indoor plants can often be daunting, right? Too much water can lead to root rot but lack of water can lead to wilting leaves or maybe even death of your plants!

If you're a planting newbie, then here's a hack you can try while you learn how to properly water your plants: self-watering planters. 

Nope, it's not magic, it's pure science so you can take care of your plants. Here's the quick explanation behind how self-watering planters work:

Self-watering pots or planters use "wicking" action to provide water from a built-in reservoir. Think of it like a sponge drawing up liquid from a surface. With this, you can just simply maintain the reservoir level rather than having to always keep track of the moisture level of your plant. This means self-watering pots can offer you convenience in watering, resource or water efficiency, and improved plant health!

If you're a green thumb and already a plant expert, self-watering pots can also be your best friend if you're planning to go on a holiday trip and have no one to ask to water your plants whilst you're not around. However, if you don't want to purchase a new one yet, there are also some DIY self-watering plant hacks you can try!

To help you find out the best self-watering planters online, we've searched through several shops and listed our top favorites!

Self-Watering Planters

Peach Blush Self-Watering Planter

Minimalist Self-Watering Plant Pot

Bring in a fresh look in your indoor plant garden with this 8-inches minimalist self-watering plant pot that features a rounded shape and solid color (choose from black, white, blue, blush, mint, red, gray). You'll love it not only for its simplistic design, but also it's lightweight feature. It weighs only 3lbs so you can move it around in your home if needed.

Plastic Self-Watering Planter With Saucer

Plastice Self-Watering Pot With Saucer

This plastic self-watering pot comes also with a pre-drilled drainage holes a matching saucer tray to serve as reservoir of water. The beauty of self-watering planter is that you can water your plants using the conventional top watering technique, and then after that you can just switch to bottom watering if ever you won't be home for a few days or you're just really forgetful of your plant's watering schedule. Choose this one if you're a lover of matter finishes - perfect for resisting scratches, fingerprints, or dust!

Wicker Self-Watering Planter

Wicker Pot Self-Watering

If you're into natural and bohemian styles, this wicker self-watering planter is your best option! The best thing about this wicker planter is that it comes with a water level indicator so you can check if you need to fill the reservoir or not yet. Another great thing? It can provide enough water for 10-30 days! The dark color of this planter would especially look perfect in combination with light green foliage and leaves with pinkish tones!

Mini Glass Self-Watering Planter

Glass Self-Watering Planter

If you're looking for a clean and minimalistic look for your plant nook, then these cute mini self-watering glass vases are perfect for you. These planters will be best for tabletops such as your nightstand or office table as they will help give a relaxing and fresh vibe in your space. If you've got succulents or baby plants, these glass self-watering planters will be the perfect home for them!


Textured Indoor Self-Watering Planter

Self-Watering Pot

If you want to create a statement within your indoor garden, the trick is to add different materials and textures in the space. This elegant self-watering pot will do just that! It boasts a textured surface but is also functional and can do all the self-watering! Plus, because of its sturdy material, it can endure harsher weather conditions and can even be used outdoors!


And that's it for our round-up of self-watering planters! Happy watering! đź’¦


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Best Self-Watering Planter 2021

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