Small Space, No Worries: Quick And Easy Decorating Tips For Compact Homes

 Bright living room with bookshelf

A  small house can be very challenging to decorate. We often think we need to add more to it to make it feel homier but instead, it becomes more congested. Even a small embellishment can disorganize your space and ultimately lead to more clutter at home. 

If you’re up for the challenge of decorating your house even if it’s compact, we’ve got you covered! With the right hacks and methods, you can create a beautiful small home without compromising on the cozy feel.

Here are some quick and easy hacks to decorating your small space.

Lighten up your space — literally!

Airy room with white walls and white curtains

If you want some easy, affordable, and effortless way to decorate your small home, lighten up your home! It doesn’t necessarily mean adding light bulbs or lamps throughout the home; it simply means brightening up your space.

One simple hack you can do to let more natural light into the home is by removing bulky, dark-colored curtains and replacing them with light-colored ones or blinds. I recently switched out some dark curtains with some cream linen ones and it made the space so much brighter as they took up less space around the window as well as blending into the walls. 

You can also try putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. There are MANY shades of white to choose from (so don’t let white scare you) and if you’re not a fan of painting everything one color, try adding in a feature wall to brighten up the space without making it feel small. Remember lighter colors will reflect the light whereas the darker colors tend to absorb it. 

Another option, which is definitely a bit more expensive but I definitely have not looked back on once implementing, was removing the carpet in our living space and replacing it with laminate flooring (which looks like real wood). The lighter color instantly brightened the room and what I was really amazed by, was how much light reflected off the floor, making the space feel so much bigger!

Place mirrors throughout the home

Living room with large rectangular mirror

Pretty sure you’ve all been inside an elevator cabin, but have you ever wondered why it doesn’t feel crowded? It’s because of mirrors! They create an optical illusion that makes such a small space feel bigger than what it actually is.

Here’s a pro tip: you can do the same in your small home! Look up “mirror feature walls” on Pinterest and you’ll see loads of examples on how you can arrange a group of mirrors together as a feature wall. Or if that’s not your jam, try adding them above fireplaces to make the room look bigger or a long-standing one in the corner of your room or at the end of your hallway. You’ll be surprised at how much it extends your space.  

Mirrors don’t have to be shabby too! With just a few customizations, you can turn your mirror into a decent statement piece or grab one from your local thrift store. Personally, I have one right by my main door. It’s a great way to greet visitors and do my last-minute check and OOTD too! Talk about hitting two birds in one stone!

Choose fewer but bigger furniture

Minimalist living room

Is it wiser to choose many smaller pieces or fewer larger pieces? If you live in a small space, choose the latter. It’s a smarter choice to maximize the vacant spaces as well as all the nooks and crannies throughout the home. 

Having plenty of smaller furniture pieces means you have to work with more space! You not only have to allocate room for the furniture but the gaps between them as well. Layouting can be very difficult, with all the pieces that you have to move around and adjust.

Although they also take almost the same amount of space, choosing fewer but bigger furniture gives off cleaner looks. It’s not cluttering your space as there are only a few pieces that decorate your home. Also, keep in mind the color of your furniture pieces. By now you’ll realize that lighter colors create the illusion of space but always bear in mind if they fit with your lifestyle. If you’ve got kids, grubby little fingers may not go so well with a white couch!

Convertible pieces are space savers

Convertible bed with storage space

It may not look like it but storage space takes up most of your ‘empty’ space! That’s why it’s very important to get wise in where you place your storage space. For small houses, one of the best ways to do it is to make use of convertible furniture pieces.

Whether it’s a couch, bed, counter, and vertical shelving, your storage space options are always right under your nose. You just have to get smart on your convertible conversions. Once you’ve mastered the art of converting regular pieces into storage, they can be ultimate space savers!

Converting the space under the stairs is always a foolproof way to tuck the stuff that you don’t use often. I keep seasonal items such as winter boots, summer essentials, Christmas and Thanksgiving decors, among many other things in there too.

Keep your decors minimalist

Minimalist modern bedroom with abstract line wall arts

Lots of patterns and colors can make a small home feel more cramped. A minimalist style can help in this case and keeping tabletops and areas free of clutter will help! 

Art is an interesting one. Large, heavy frames can take up a lot of space, so if you want a minimalist design in your living space, try adding digital printable artworks. They’re simple designs that you can print off yourself and frame with a light-colored, simple frame.

Avoid occasion-related decors

Workspace table with classic white pumpkin halloween decor

Of course, lots of us love to decorate during special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. But as much as possible, try to avoid permanent occasion-related decorations, especially if these tend to build up over the year. 

If you have a small space, perhaps go for timeless classic designs that last throughout the year, rather than just for the season. Do you have boxes of fake pumpkins or chests of spooky Halloween gear that you either forget to pull out or end up coming out for one day? 

When living small, you want to try and accumulate less. Look for home decor products that last throughout the year - You can check out some of Alfie & Gem’s products here that are sure to keep all year round.

Dividers are better than walls

Kitchen and dining room divided by a wooden partition

When working with a small house, dividers can make the home feel a bit more spacious. Walls can easily close the vacant spaces, and restrict you from moving seamlessly between the different living areas in your home.

There are traditional dividers that can be tucked away or pulled out whenever you want. Or If you want a more aesthetic divider, opt for a glass panel instead. It doesn’t disrupt the flow of the light and line of sight. Plus, it can achieve separation of space while keeping the house open.

There are many other ideas for dividers such as using strands of hanging knotted rope, wooden slats, plant shelves, or if you want to keep it simple, large indoor plants such as snake plants work great as a divider and add a touch of greenery to your home.

Decorating a small house is indeed a challenge, but it’s not impossible! With these tips, you can make the task of beautifying your compact space a lot less difficult.

Have you got some quick and easy decorating hacks for compact homes? Sharing is caring, so feel free to comment down below.

 Decorating hacks for small spaces

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