How To Decorate Your Home Using Faux Plants


Artificial plants can bring can provide just as great benefits as the real ones — at least aesthetically. They bring texture, color, freshness, and an element of life to any space, without the maintenance that real plants require. So if you do not have much luck growing the real thing, or you feel like you do not have the best space to accommodate real plants, faux greenery is your best option!


Check out our handy tips on decorating your home using faux plants.


Invest in good-quality artificial plants


Not all artificial plants are crafted equally. Some poor-quality fake plants may not look as aesthetically pleasing even if you embellished them with real soil and weeds or placed them in stylish pots.


So when it comes to the types of artificial plants you should buy, always go for the ones that look the most authentic. Real plants tends to have shape and color variations in their leaves so try to keep an eye out for that when you go shopping for faux plants. It's a major plus if you can find fake plants that are flexible or easily pliable too. This feature will come in handy once you're decorating. 


Don't skimp on buying the ones made from good quality materials especially for the bigger pieces or else it'll easily give away their unnaturalness. Not to worry if you have a few pieces that are not looking so good, place them in higher areas or slightly far corners and your guests won't be able to notice they're not the real thing.


Match faux plants with stylish vases and plant baskets


Treat your faux plants like you treat the real ones! If you place the real plants on aesthetic vases, terracotta pots, plant baskets, then place faux plants in them too. You can also make use of plant stands for bigger plants or rope baskets for hanging small ones.


To make these plants even more believable, you can also make use of real soil and even synthetic weeds that grow around them! Or maybe add water for glass vase jars for your faux florals. You’re not limited with the arrangements you can do as you don’t have to worry about whether they will grow properly or not.


If you want to purchase stylish vases, rope baskets, and plant stands, you’re at the right place, here at Alfie and Gem. We have a wide array of minimalist products to go well with your artificial plants. If you’re after timeless and classic decorations, shop now!


Throw in a mix of real plants among the fake ones


To level up your fake plant set-up, mix some real plants among the fake ones. It may seem like a big contrast because you want to embrace the fake plants as much as possible. However, this is one of the major key tricks to keep your faux greenery aesthetics to look like the real deal. 


For your faux plants, group and place them together with other real plants that have the same light and nurturing requirements. And never put two of the same faux plant too close together! Since they're artificial, they'll likely have the same size and shape which will look too unnatural, right?


For your artificial florals, make sure to vary the stem height to create a more organic look. Avoid symmetry and straight lines as much as possible. Real flowers and branches have curves, so try to aim for that.


Placement is the key to achieve the right aesthetics


If they’re real plants, where would you usually place them? Perhaps, right beside your windows because it receives the most sunlight. Or maybe, in a nook where the sunbeams reach the most. If that’s where you put them, that’s also where faux plants should go!


To convince people they’re actually real, don’t put them in an area where the sun doesn’t reach. It would be an easy giveaway to your guests. But you can probably get away with putting artificial plants like Snakeplants, Chinese Evergreen, Spider Plant in the bathroom or other darker rooms, as long as they're plants that are known to thrive even in low light areas. 


If you really want to get playful in your set-up, put watering and planting materials like fertilizers beside the fake plants! This may raise an eyebrow or two, but guests are surely in for a treat whenever they visit your home.


Faux plants need little care and maintenance too


Unlike popular belief, faux plants need a little care and maintenance too. Just like any other decorations at home, they can collect dust and degrade, which can cause them to degrade eventually. So just like any other decorations, clean them once in a while.


If you want them deep cleaned, you can wash them using warm water. This should be enough to loosen the dust that seeps in hard-to-reach cracks. Pat using a dry towel and let it air dry to avoid any wrinkles and creases.


You may also need to replace them from time to time, especially when the dirt is already ingrained in the plant. That’s why it’s important to purchase quality faux plants to last you a long time and avoid always replacing them.


Place some faux plants outdoors too


Don’t simply keep all your faux plants inside. You can also place them on your patio or deck! It’s a great idea because your greeneries and topiaries are always in prime condition whenever passersby see the outside of your home.


To make your outdoor topiary set-up more convincing, you may want to put them in the storage whenever the season changes. It’s a strange sight to see full-grown green plants during the winter, right? Even if they’re evergreen, they may not be best to display outdoors.


As a pro-tip, choose something large for your outdoor set-up. A potted tree placed in the corner works great for a bolder look. Of course, you also need to re-pot, maintain, and place at the corners — just like what you usually do in your indoor plants.




As much as possible, I try to stick with real greeneries for styling my space, but artificial plants also have their own beauty so they're such a great option too! 


Do you have some quick tips for you want to share with us? Leave them in the comment section below!

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