Post-Christmas Winter Decor Ideas To Add To Your Home

With Christmas now over, we have to start decorating our homes for Winter. Christmas decorations are usually bright and sparkly, but for winter you want something that will warm up your house and make it feel like a home after all the bright colors of the holidays. 

Winter decorations using pine cones
Though there is no special formula for post-Christmas decoration, there are plenty of items you can use to easily transition into a seasonal winter theme. Check our previous blog also for tips on how to transition from Christmas to Winter decor.

1. Winter Vases

Ceramic nordic white vase for winter decor
Vases are the perfect accent to any home! Plus, you can move them anywhere around the house—mantel, dining table, coffee table, dressers, etc. If you’ve got any old sweater lying around, try the “sweater vase”. Cut the sleeves of your sweater and wrap them around your vases for an extra cozy texture in your space.


2. Winter Wreaths

Unadorned Garland Wreath For Winter Decor
You definitely don’t need to leave your door looking bare. Just refresh your Christmas wreath by removing the Chrismasy ornaments, and it will still look great on the door. Even simple wreaths can make your place look more inviting.

3. Fresh Blooms

Peace Lily decoration for winter


Flowers can instantly add a bright shot of color to any room. Beat the winter blues and make your space feel polished and refined by adding show-stopping winter flowers like Camellia, Snowdrops, Winter Aconite, or others like Peace Lily, Cyclamen, Hibiscus, Anthurium, Jasmine, African Violets.


4. Arctic Animals and Fur

Fur blanket for winter living room

Just like how we add pink flamingos decor during the summer season, you can also add cold-climate animals to your winter decoration like snow owls, penguins, and moose. You can also just add a swatch of faux white fur or antlers.


5. Cozy Lights

Antler light for cozy winter decoration


In the previous blog, we’ve talked about adding a gallery of mirrors and adding candles to brighten up them room. Another way to make up for the lack of sunlight is of course through your lights. Switch to lightbulbs that emit blue or white light if you want to mimic sunlight, on the other hand, opt for warm lights if you're into cozier vibe. 


6. Aromatherapy

Cozy winter essential oil


Bring in the cozy vibes by adding a refreshing scent to the room. You can choose different essential oils depending on the mood that you want to set for your home. Some ideas are cinnamon (energizing), clove (grounding), ginger (invigorating), orange (mood-boosting), peppermint (relaxing), sandalwood (calming).


7. Fluffy Furs and Light-Colored Linens

Throw pillows and cozy oversized blankets for winter


As much as possible, all your winter decors should have lighter tones. So to brighten your home during this gloomy season, opt for white and light-colored slipcovers, window treatments and throw pillows. 


8. Metallics

Metallic decor for winter


If you want to keep your space looking extra and glam, try mixing winter whites with metallic. Combine soft colors with metals or glitters to create a warm glow, or shiny reflective surfaces. To keep the space looking balanced, mix in natural elements like birch bark, pinecones, or dried flowers into the scene.


9. Add More Texture

Entryway basket for winter texture


Another easy trick to add more texture and create an interesting statement is to roll out some cozy colored or textured scarves and pop them in a basket for added color in your entryway or living room. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this post has inspired you with some new ideas to bring in warmth and turn your home into a cozy winter den. I’d love to hear how you will be decorating for winter!


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